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Kenny Wassus  filmmaker/senior producer @nymag Brooklyn, NY Twitter • @kgw

witnessed a sitcom dimensional shift on set today as jean-ralphio and abed performed the legendary handshake only seen between abed and troy. brain melted

got to shoot some photos again today for the first time in what felt like ages #sdcc2017

goodbye MI. back to NYC, w its clouds of hot-garbage smells and inescapable faint wafts of urine, both human and k9

internet dog blesses idiots w beautiful weather, incredible

link, famous internet dog, is lured into the lake w a cheeto

boUnCe HaUs BoyS

Manifest Blesstiny

making/styling food content w mark bittman. he couldn't make it to this shoot so i forced him into this piece of food content

all my fav brands in one foto

half dead post-shoot for a new project for the cut ft @ashley.weatherford. s/o nymag productions team, @evahillarious / @madymills, for helping make it happen

happy jordo, a spring commodity

sunday negronis for this jabroni

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