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Straight back into the swing of things! Kfit is back in action as of today. @lsanderson1989 getting it done in her full body strength 👍🏽👍🏽
katie@kfit.com.au NOW 📧

Fridge inspo 😧🙌🏽
Who else is making a conscious efforts to up their greens this year? Dark green leafy veges reduce your chances of cancer and heart disease due to their micronutrient contents.
Slip them into your smoothie, salad, omelette or even your bolognese sauce 🌱Kfit

Mid morning coffee anyone? How do you take yours?
Plenty of clients get caught up when I ask them about their coffee intake. It isn’t the coffee that is bad for you... it’s all the nasties that go with it. Big cups of milk, spoonfuls of sugar...🙅🏼‍♀️.
Try changing your milk to plant based and gradually wean off the sugar. Eventually moving to a long black - you’ll be cutting out approx 160cals (per coffee). If you’re having two/ day (like most do) that’s a whopping 240cals 😧
Be smart #Kfit

When clients send you this! Absolute Sunday hike goals 🙌🏽💦 Every single step of this 35km trek was worth it - amazing stuff Matt! 💪🏽

2x 1km efforts (running)
• 90sec rest in between
50 squat jumps
40 push ups
30 frogs
20 dynamic lunges
10 burpees
5 kick sits (each side)
3x 45-60 sec plank

Kfit BABE @michaelawain reminding us to all keep hydrated in this HEAT! 🔥 Such a machine getting her cardio done without head trainer @katiemmartin_ AND on a Sunday 😅🙌🏽
Did you know you should be drinking 2.5-3L water/ day? This is anywhere between 8-12 glasses of water 😧... getting drinking!

Lunch time inspo 🙌🏽 how many different colours can you incorporate in one meal? 🌱🌱

UPPER BODY TONING... channeling Michelle Obama with this one 💪🏽 heavy focus on those obliques - looking to tone and shrink your waistline ⏳
Ground circuit 3x sets 8-12 reps
1. Regular push ups
2. Tricep push ups
3. Shoulder taps
4. Alt. Plank to toe taps
5. Dolphin push ups
DB circuit 3x sets 8-12 reps
1. Shoulder press with oblique twist
2. Shoulder raises
3. Tricep kick-backs
4. Standing oblique crunches

Morning juice! This one is great for detoxing the body. If you’re trying to eliminate the heavy metals, support your immune system and give some TLC to your heart...try this one 🥕🥕🥕
1/2 cup beetroot
1 carrot
1 little cube of ginger
1 orange
Cup of ice
Blend all together and sip on it SLOWLY, like you’re eating a meal. Be kind to your digestive system 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Sometimes all you need is that little extra push. Need to find your push? —> katie@kfit.com.au will sort you out.
What’s included in One on One sessions?
1. Before and “better” pictures every 8 weeks
2. Fitness screening every 8 weeks
3. Meal plans
4. Tailored sessions for the client and their goals
5. Direct 24 hour contact with head trainer @katiemmartin_
6. Incredible LONG-TERM results
Don’t let 2018 get away from you. Push hard. #Kfit

Looking for some desert or snack time inspo? Why not try these clean choc chip cookies? PALEO, GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE 🙌🏽

2 cups almond meal
1 cup coconut flour
2 eggs
Dash of almond milk
2 tbls cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 handful diced dark choc almonds
1 tbls date syrup
1 tbls honey
Mix all together and bake for 7-10 minutes on 180•C (or until crunchy on the outside)

Looking for some lunch time inspo?
🌱Steam asparagus, broccolini and kale for 5-7 minutes.
🌱Add some spinach and massage it all in olive oil, salt & pepper.
🌱Top with some avo and protein of choice (A boiled egg and tin of tuna is super quick and clean).
Still feeling peckish? Add a side of brown rice or quinoa 🌱🌱
What have you had for lunch today? #Kfit

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