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Kate Faith  I just discovered selfies.

Both//and, on my fave boi.

Babies. Please don't go @loleileen !!

Hearts of my heart

Yurt life with my mains

New desk, who dis?

Happy #transdayofvisibility to all of the gorgeous trans and non binary people in my life. I see you, I love you, I support you. Thank you for sharing yourselves with the world today and every day. #tdov2017 #transrightsarehumanrights

This meme has me fully in my feelings this morning. Queerness is a central part of my identity, but as a straight-passing femme I often have the experience of (cishet) people interpreting queer to mean "straight but dtf femmes for your amusement". Or, in queer spaces, as "unsure of my desires/ bicurious/ weekend gay." There's nothing wrong with any of those identities, but they aren't mine. I love the word dyke and identify heavily with it because it is a refusal to pander to other people's comfort, an explicit rejection of the idea that queer women are consumable. Mostly I just want people to let this queer dyke speak for herself πŸ™‹πŸ» RP from @1800_dads

Hot dad alert

New spot is coming together 🌱

Have you worshipped a femme today? #dapperballchi πŸ“· @kelainephoto πŸ™@slomoparty @boisociety @amfmlife

PSA for international women's day. If your feminism isn't centering and uplifting transwomen, nonbinary people, and POC, it's missing the mark. Keep it intersectional!

Feeling ok about the Midwest today

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