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Kevin Clancy  Host of @kfcradio and @barstoolradio.

Tomorrow on @kfcradio - @mrtonyhale live from a very swanky hotel on Central Park West. Buster Bluth on Arrested, Gary Walsh on Veep. One of the funniest to ever do it. Season 5 of Arrested Development out on May 29

Played Bubble Hockey for the first time in my life last week. I played @biznasty. It did not go well for me. Link in bio for the latest episode of Out of Office

I was bullied on twitter and responded defending myself. Twitter suspended me for it. I thought this was America! Internet Self Defense is a real thing and Twitter is nothing more than a failing platform of tyranny. (I encouraged a guy to jump off a bridge after he told me he hates my tweets so much it makes him want to kill himself)

@kfcradio featuring @kher1737 out today. Podcast and Out Of Office vlog out now

Keith Hernandez asked for a selfie with ME. Not the other way around. What a world we live in. Best experience of my Barstool career. @kfcradio vlog and podcast out tomorrow.

Do you hear “Yanny” or “Laurel?” It’s the audio version of the white and gold dress. Comment whether you have a brain and hear Yanny, or if you’re an idiot and hear Laurel. Follow @kfcradio for more dumb shit like this

“Love = 3.3 which is infinity, times E=MC squared, which is light, which is also forever.” All time crazy chick quote.
Today’s @kfcradio Quickie features the story of the single craziest girl we’ve ever encountered. She texted this guy 65,000 times after 1 date and threatened to chop his body parts off and drink his blood. Download now.

So @parkerhousenj officially named downstairs “God’s Basement.” This is my crowning achievement in life as someone who’s been going to bars now for over half my life. Parker House was my favorite bar in America, so to have popularized this nickname and see it become official is a real special moment. I sort of feel like Parker House should have had a ceremony with a ribbon and a big pair of fake scissors. But what do I know. I’m just the guy who made God’s Basement. (PS - shout out to my buddy Ryan Cahill who officially coined the term. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to overreact about this moment.)

This time last week, we were taking Duncan to a 24 hour vet because something seemed wrong. Turns out he had injured his spine somehow. He’s spent to the last week on medicine and bedrest, letting that back heal. Doctors orders though!

Shout out to @notsam for having me on today. Dude is a wildly talented host. Not having to host and just joining in the convo whenever you want is a lot of fun. I never get to do it but Sam made it happen for me

Tomorrow on the @kfcradio YouTube - @feitelberg and I hit up @theainsworth for champagne and wings. Golden buffalo wings and Ace of Spades for a $1000 lunch. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and find out whether we fit in with the bougie life.

Tomorrow on @kfcradio, the super excited @mrmattwalsh. “Every day is exactly the same. I go golfing on Sundays. I HATE golf. Don't blackball me, Mitch.”

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