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October 1st, Barstool Storyboards coming out of retirement 👀👀👀 If you’re new to Barstool, Storyboards are 30 for 30-esque podcasts complete with sound bytes, music, and our usual brand of humor. Head over to the Storyboards iTunes feed and start listening to the other 4 features released a couple years back. Dave Chappelle, James Dolan, the Ryan Lochte Serial spoof, and the man who launched the entire series, Arod. We’ll release the title of the upcoming release next week. Subscribe now for automatic downloads, link in bio

I don’t believe what I just witnessed. Sam Darnold has arrived. New Jack City looks dominant. Almost 50 points with 5 picks and a punt return for a TD. I don’t know how long this will last, but as of right now, in this moment, it’s the GODDAM JETS BABY! (Broadway Sam shirt on sale now)

Happy 9th Anniversary to @kmarkobarstool and myself here at Barstool Sports. August 2009 Keith dropped out of Big J school and I began my Mailtime Crusade at Deloitte and we began building an Internet empire. Week 1 I lost access to the Barstool dashboard because my work internet filter decided to block th Stool. In that moment Keith could have just cunceled me, taken over the job al by himself, and doubled his salary. But he threw me a lifeline and began doing all the back end work for me on all my writing. Nothing but respect for My Editor In Chief. 1 year later I hired @feitelberg because he had Fat hands and a Jewish name. And now almost 10 years later we’re out here talking that shit on a top 10 comedy podcast. Here’s to another decade! Just kidding if we’re still doing this in 10 years I might kill myself.

Go download the new ep of @kfcradio, link in bio

A little WFAN x Barstool mashup today with Evan Roberts. It was an hour long therapy session venting about life as a Mets Jets fan. Check out the segment on WFAN.com

Our boy @ochocinco said he used to strip when he played JUCO football to pay the bills. His tactic was to target the...ahem...healthier women at the club at night.
I have no idea how we are the first people Ocho has ever told this story to, after all these years, but I’m happy we live in a world where we all now know that Chad Johnson used to be a male stripper.

Full episode - including the one TD celebration he never got to do - available now @kfcradio

Honestly I would have said the album was good even if the only 2 things I heard were the 2 Paul Rosenberg skits.

We’re like the three players from Nintendo Ice Hockey.
New episode featuring Large is out now

Double Cheesy Gordita Crunches have arrived. But are they better than the OG?

Friday @kfcradio Hypothetical - would you rather have $10 mil or be able to control the weather? If you pick 10 mil you haven’t thought it through and you need to go listen to the latest episode of the podcast. Only a simpleton and a dummy would pass up controlling the weather. A million reasons why.

That’s my pal Eric Nathan @barstoolnate on stage last night with @ofarevolution. Guy became a goddam rock star last night. Nailed the tambourine too. Summer of Nate* continues! *Summer of Eric

Oh bother! Just a smackerel of Fire on this blustery day 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

New episode of @kfcradio featuring @mike_stud. One of the most self aware, down to earth, low key guys we’ve ever got down with. Mike was supposed to be a professional baseball player until he blew out his arm. Once that dream ended my man just flipped a switch, started making music (mostly as a joke,) and now he’s living out a dream as an entertainer. That’s fucking ANNOYING. Like “oh yea the pro sports thing didn’t work out so I’ll just be a famous rapper.” Fuck You, MIKE.
Mike talks about making Dave’s diss record, making music videos in Honolulu with his boys, life dating Jose Canseco’s daughter, dealing with the haters, and what’s next for the Mike Stud brand.

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