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Gosh if i could describe how powerful the love of God is, this probably wouldn't do it, but it's 1 am time, no jetlag but still lying awake with nothing but pure anxieties - i'm not good left with my own head but tell me, these days who is?? It's the lies in disguise that looked so much like truth, like 'feeling' invisible, like 'feeling' like a disposable international, like 'feeling' understood but not loved, but isn't real truth the only one that can counter lies, that reassures, that gives ultimate affirmation & freedom - & truth is Jesus. & Jesus is here. Seen or not seen, heard or not heard, i'm blinded by my own ungrounded fears, i can only hear what i tell myself, that is until His love penetrates every wall i build for myself. that is until i learn to feel it & to believe it, that it's true, His love is real.

work isn't too bad today that the sun is out and my desk is by a gigantic window (which I love cos I love daydreaming & watching people walk by, but not like what I was doing in the photo though cos I was just posing trying to look & feel pretty & u know what... that's okay too sometimes)

photo by @andreluki (single - last time I checked, & take great photos 😉 #babe) (consciously trying to make people unconsciously stalk the guy)

kudengar langkahmu menaiki tangga - i'm a better listener on the nights when you're gone and i feel at ease then, knowing that you're home safe and sound.
tak perlu kudengar langkahmu di dapur, hanya perlu kucium bau racikan kopi dan petikan gitarmu - often i sit quietly listening from behind the thin wall, and i feel at home.
kudengar langkahmu menuruni tangga, aku pun sambil berlari, kita berebut kamar mandi. (i feel kebelet hehe).
kini aku pulang ke rumah baru, tanpa tangga yang bergetar saat dilewati, tanpa merdu suara gitar dan tanpa harumnya kopi. tapi kini, aku punya kamar mandi sendiri - is this growing up, growing out of some things to make room for another.

jangan pintakan aku
untuk berhenti berlayar
bila tak kau labuhkan
kapalmu di pekaranganku

kolaborasi antara 2 perempuan @k.m.r.tulis yang malu-malu tapi mau

kalau cinta jadi pertanyaan,
aku tak ragu maju
lalu dua petak.
tapi kau
demi langkah
menuju mundur.
sedikit maju,
kemudian sedikit mundur lagi.
silahkan kau bertanya,
tapi nyatanya kau tak rela berhenti untukku.
- @mondoank (a pro at talking back at u & messy hurr)

kalau raguku jadi alasan,
kau mundur
lalu dua petak.
demi langkah.
kemudian sedikit lagi.

bolehkah ku bertanya,
benarkah kau cinta padaku.

why do we put our hearts through so many goodbyes.

because to have a good one
can be hard sometimes.


i swear i write better when i'm up in the sky.
or is it just the thought of you.

probs the best (& only) shot i'm ever gonna take of @ryogek #gangsta. here's to the friend that turned into a brother. you're the epitome of 'i don't know how life would be without you' pls don't ever walk away from our lives @mondoank

holiday film came back making me went all nostalgic. i also desperately need another holiday (one that is not filled with 5 flippin deadlines to run away from thank u v much x)

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