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youtube search: keyanna moore  they call me bebe snapchat and twitter: thekeyannamoore #lovemoore

someone let me be your surrogate! im serious😩 please dm me if you need one
@ someone you know who’s thinking about it!
______________________________________________ i’m currently detoxing completely! switching to a vegetarian diet w/ no diary! VITAMINS! and trust i will care for myself and the baby as if she/he was my little angel and ensure you get your beautiful bundle of joy safely!

#rp cuz yall flopped the first time

its blurry but im posting cuz they say beauty is symmetry n i been said i got it but here’s for all the non-believers #symmetrybitch

#lawofattraction google it

your #wcw could NEVER! @poeticdrugs really brought it to my attention today the scarce representation of our TALENTED BLACK MEN! So heres one of many! @facedbykareem @facedbykareem @facedbykareem 😍😍 lets go show our love n support! especially all my Melinated Kings and Queens we have to #standtogether

its okay to let yourself cry babyboy, cry, it’s a cleansing of your soul. just make sure to pick up your chin n straighten your crown when you’re done 💖👑 #boyscrytoo #selflove #selfworth #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthquotes

the 🔑 is confidence and joy not empty compliments and drunken nights - take your smile back babygirl it’s priceless #joy #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selflove #selfworth #iloveyou #smile

2:44am - who’s up? “😁😁”

GOOD MORNING Y’ALL ❤️ today im thankful that i have the opportunity to speak openly with my Lord because since opening up to him he’s begun to close doors and open so many new ones in my life❤️❤️ #grateful #blessed #morningmotivation #morningaffirmation #morninggratitude

@megganmwangi asked for more content😍❤️ so heres two posts in one day loll thank you lovie absolutely adore the support y’all inspire me❤️❤️💋

super big thanks to this is the first time ive done a shoot in almost a year and i was so nervous but with and his beautiful wife i got passed that and my fear was quickly replaced with excitement❤️
everyone needs to go show him love n book your next shoot with

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