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Kew Gardens  The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. London attraction, world-famous garden and centre of botanical science & research #KewGardens 🌿

The ultimate spring wildflower...! @growwilduk finished their #NatureQuest with a hunt for beautiful Bluebells around the Gardens. Take a look at our Story to see what they found... 🌱 #GrowWild #Bluebells #KewGardens #SpringAtKew

Yesterday @growwilduk discovered just how tricky it is to identify ash trees without leaves! 🍃 See what they did find on our stories, and join them this afternoon on the final day of their spring #NatureQuest takeover (they’ll be on the hunt for bluebells)! #SpringAtKew #KewGardens #AshTree

@GrowWildUK continued their spring nature quest in the Gardens yesterday, looking for garlic mustard. Although they didn’t spot any, they did learn that it is a wildflower that can dominate an area quickly. It has to be removed from the Woodland Garden so it won’t threaten Kew’s plant collections.
You can find it out in the wild in open woodland, at the base of walls and in waste-ground.
Have you spotted any garlic mustard yet? Join in the #NatureQuest and share photos of garlic mustard in flower near you. #KewGardens #SpringAtKew

If you’re looking to see some beautiful blossom, it’s a great time to head to the Gardens. Many of our cherry trees are looking spectacular. What better spot for a picnic? 🌸 #SpringAtKew #KewGardens

Silver birch trees laden with leaves. 🍃
@GrowWildUK continued their spring #NatureQuest yesterday looking for Betula pendula first leaves, and they found plenty!
Grow Wild are taking over our stories all week in search of signs of spring. They’ve produced factsheets with @woodlandtrust and Kew scientists so you can go on your own Nature Quest - download your own from our story! #springatkew #kewgardens

Kew is home to lots of noble English oak trees, Quercus robur.
@GrowWildUK found some stunning English oak trees yesterday on a spring nature quest. 🌳
Join them as they takeover our stories all week in search of signs of spring. #NatureQuest

The Jade vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) is the perfect reminder to always look up. Flowering in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, this climber comes from the rainforests of the Philippines and in the wild is pollinated by bats! 🦇 #KewGardens

Beautiful tulips at the end of the Broad Walk 🌷 We’re enjoying seeing more spring colour around the Gardens; let’s hope for some sunshine this week! #KewGardens #SpringAtKew

Blooming succulents: Succulents are plants that have the ability to store water for times of drought – this can be in the leaves, stem, roots or all three! It’s always a spectacle when they come into flower. In order to produce these flowers, precious reserves are used - this is in the hope of attracting pollinators in harsh dry climates; all in order to produce seed for a new generation. See them yourself in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. #KewGardens

15,000 panes of glass replaced; 116 urns restored; 180km of scaffolding required; 5,280 litres of paint used 🏗 There’s just one month to go until the reopening of the Temperate House after its five-year restoration (the biggest renovation project in our history)! Here’s a little preview... Open from 5 May. 🌿 #KewGardens #TemperateHouse

Pretty in pink... Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula Rubra' adding #SpringAtKew colour to the Palm House Pond view 🌸 #KewGardens #BlossomSeason #SpringInLondon

As the snow melts in the mountains of Turkey, Crete and Cyprus, these delicate alpines flower, turning the white landscape a beautiful blue. Hundreds of Scilla forbesii from Western Turkey have naturalised in this lawn area near Kew Palace, creating a blanket of spring colour. #KewGardens #SpringAtKew #KewPalace

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