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KEVYN V • S K🕴L L V C H🕴  Member of Dancehall's supa duo VOICEMAIL. Singer/Songwriter. For BOOKINGS: THESOLIDAGENCY@GMAIL.COM ☎️876-960-9004 📽

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So far the yay dem a lead . But mi nuh sure if dem a guh win coz dis caan sleep wid. Out fi pull out dem @#!£¥ lol.

Yay or nay for the hairdo. If a nay put a 👎🏽if a yay 👍🏽.


The new album drops May 8th 2019. Just get your body prepared cuase you HAVE TO move. #skankingseason #08.05.2019

Issa vybe. #selfie @djchiquidubs feat. @voicemailmusic and @mrsaikofficial 🇯🇲🇵🇦🔥🔥🔥 stream now on all digital platforms.

Di Daps Dem. Reposted from @felchmusic - Proud to be This month's AKADEMIA music awards winner... New Music coming soon from @tovi_soul x @felchmusic
#worldbeat #skillachi #stayready continue push di door.

Keep changing your angles. You can't capture me.

My crew my.......

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Some say to make it to the top you have to crush a few toes, step on a few people. I say work hard, be consistent, be vigilant and persistent. WHAT SAYS YOU?

FOCUS; It's the hardest thing to do when there is so much noise around us.

Happy birthday @chelseafc it's all blue 💙 over here.