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Uncle Kev😉  😎I dress so wavy🌊 ✨Aspiring Model✨ Pro Black✊🏾 Poet🌙✍🏾Nerd🤓

I fw what she said 💯

Finally a young rapper said it instead of hating and tryvs compete he paying homage 💯🙌🏾

Follow my bro 😂😂😂😂 @chico_nigelo

Howvim finna Be Cuz pornhub cost money now😂😂



Before work no meat

We gone get a crib together and live right by the beach and be riding in Jeep wranglers mine black and hers white, become vegan live healthy and take jogs together every morning, both be in our careers and just living life to the fullest, and every. Night before we go to sleep we gone watch the sunset from our bed😎

Free you baby girl, you ain’t do nun wrong💔😞

The question was “Why is hip hop music so violent” PAC’s answer was this, this why Pac My favorite rapper, not because of his lyrics but because of what he stood for, pac wasn’t just a rapper that represented thug life he was a black activist and fought for his people, worshiped black women, and never charged a black artist for a verse, he was a poet and he shot two off duty officers for harassing a black man, what rapper today has done that, and he attended multiple NAACP conferences, in my eyes he’s up there with MLK, Malcom x and Rosa honestly he fought for us, ain’t no rapper out here today fighting for us other than David Banner, Killer Mike, and snoop, y’all can have these new age skinny jean, ass rappers man this who i fw #RIPTupac🙏🏾

I can honestly say I’ve been in relationships where i was always in love with the person more than they loved me and they never realized how much of a Impact i had until i was ready to leave and i was already too far gone when they wanted to try and change shit, i just pray i find a relationship where we walk into the situation where the feelings are mutual and we both are very much so in love with eachother and the shit is 50/50 naw fuck that 100/100 not 75/25, i ain’t gone give up cuz i know she’s probably out there looking for me just like I’m looking for her, that’s that shit that make me wanna continue and not give up on love and turn into a dog💯

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