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Kevin Cornell  I usually go by the name "Bearskinrug", but someone has taken it. Someone also took my second username choice: "Hercules P. Handsome".

On the one hand, you don't wanna hurt his self-esteem. On the other, he's essentially a lump of cottage cheese that sweats...

All my logo work these days is for companies in fictional worlds. Really smooths out the process.

Watercoloring traditionally for the first time in a while. I missed it. Water behaves so uniquely...

Heroes of Modern Comfort, Part I.

Legends of Baseball

Mojo springs into action!

Hmmm - a Game Of Thrones drawing I forgot to post. Vargo Hoat, who chops off Jaime Lannister's hand. He was turned into another character for the show though. Both characters were excellent jerks.

The Parasol

Principal in the Wild, final vs rough

Miles through the woods, final vs. rough

At it again with the cows, thanks to that pesky @macbarnett.

Mojo Goes On A Date

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