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Kevon Carter  Husband, Father, Bishop Designate, Intercontinental Champion of International Psalms and Spiritual Songs. For Booking:

I just got tired of being disrespected and unappreciated. There were times those two rehearsed without me even knowing!How can we take our R&B ministry to the nations if we’re not going to be on one accord and include everyone in the rehearsals? @therealtank was always hogging the piano, never letting me play. He always got to look cool playing and singing while they stuck me with playing the tambourine 🤦🏽‍♂️. Then of course you got @aashley_jayy always singing over me and stealing my adlib spots, I just couldn’t take it anymore 😢

This is the story of a song that once led many into worship, but now leads many into tragedy. This is the story of For Your Glory #WrongKeyDad #Precious #brokeankle #ForYourGlory

Just throwing any and everything into the song lol. I mean who cares if the chords clash with the singers harmonies🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂 #throwback #MD #musicians #bands #instrumentalists

I knew I had been through some trials and tribulations, but I didn’t realize the full extent until I saw this picture. This is the result of years of dealing with children, church folk, and having to learn over arranged songs 😢😢

I pray lotion for all of you on today. I speak the joy of Nivea. Be ye moisturized 🙏🏾😀 @donaldlawrence #throwback #goshen #lotion #theyrhyme #gospelmusic #singing #churchhumor #jergens #nivea #cocobutter #donaldlawrence #tricitysingersreunion

Heard Make Room by @jonmcreynolds the other day and it stayed with me while cleaning up later that evening.

Back in the day every once and while you would see folks in high school or junior high that were great or had great potential. Now a days these kids are coming out of pre-k already playing like adults lol. How you playing better than me and you’re still riding in a car seat? How you playing better than me and you haven’t reached puberty yet? It’s not fair! 🤦🏽‍♂️😂. @official_justinleeschultz @aronthebassist @babyboydrummer

Exegete the text!! @lalahhathaway @pjmorton


It’s hard out here for a church musician smh lol. To the musician keep your head up! I have to say you’re not to blame for this. The people at fault are actually @mbizz76 and @asaphaward. They just had to use all their fancy pretty chord changes on the recording smh. They just couldn’t keep it simple and play it like a hymn. Now look what you all have done 🤦🏽‍♂️😁Credit: @imlasalle

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