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ΚΞV  Cappadonna approves.

Just 30 days away from #AdventureTime with #sibset

She's such a baby. We had @tuktuk_theberner over for a sleep over in the tents and Sashi wanted to be a 60lb lap dog.

Swangin' in the rain. ☔️

Hanging out w/ my photogenicly handsome buddy @tuktuk_theberner yesterday.

Throwback to #UFC189......

Soon, come June. #redpeakpass #yosemite means "those who kill"
#wegoingkillthissummer @zilla3 @mtn_lyons #sibset


You into boy bands? Me either. #98degrees #frostedtips #surfsup 🤙

Kevolution the Funko action figure. In store Neverary 9th twothousandnever.

They sure don't make them like they used to. Grandpa Smitty 1906-1979

A very rare sketch of a very common scenario in which I humiliate Random Brandon playing basketball while slapping him with a dead fish. #art #reality #basketball #drawing #randombrandon

I like facial hair because it's less maintenance, but if I could sit in a chair, sip whiskey while a professional does it for me I'd shave more often. Shit I'd shave it all. Thanks @zilla3 still the best shave I've ever had. #NOLA

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