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They sure don't make them like they used to. Grandpa Smitty 1906-1979

A very rare sketch of a very common scenario in which I humiliate Random Brandon playing basketball while slapping him with a dead fish. #art #reality #basketball #drawing #randombrandon

I like facial hair because it's less maintenance, but if I could sit in a chair, sip whiskey while a professional does it for me I'd shave more often. Shit I'd shave it all. Thanks @zilla3 still the best shave I've ever had. #NOLA

My team got jokes. 🤣 #apple #bun

I'm in the backyard if ya need me.

This is why we can't have nice things. As if the deer eating everything in sight, hawks aren't dive bombing chickens & squirrels aren't gnawing now I got woody the #woodpecker pecking my wooden parrot to def. #breathe and #nothingmatters Ommmmm.

Buzzsaw, yesterday trying out the Snapchat Spectacles. Quality is piss poor. Plus you look like you jacked Elton John's closet. I'll also add that I wore them in the front yard as I pieced a down tree. Neighbors like, who's the #flamboyant outdoorsman working the #chainsaw ?

⚠️ Danger Men In Trees 🌲 Unfortunately, Smilin' Jeff wasn't willing to sacrifice himself for the shot this evening. #timber #forestry #axemen

Pre Cavs win burn.

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