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Kevin Casey  🇺🇸 ♯DIALEDSHOCKPREP Suspension&Things Social Media is not Real Life 💭

Solid freshen up and new resi for these @carlisuspension Dodge OEM shocks 👊🏼💪🏻 Clean shocks are happy shocks. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

For Sale! I have 1 OG Ford Rough riders Alcoa for sale. 5x5.5 pattern for 5/8” studs, 15x7”. This is not the standard OEM F150/Bronco Alcoa, this was off one of the race trucks. Still has the Alcoa steeker, $100 obo. Also have 3 17x8, 5x5 chrome RG street wheels. Make offer on those

Spring removal and reinstall so @expo_cam could powdercoat his coils and make them like new again. If any of you OEM replacement shock guys need help with springs (Because manufactures like to run springs 2” longer than the shock) holler at me. I finally found a spring compressor that actually works the way it should.

Bump stops need love too people! Neglect on moving parts can lead to major wear and tear which will cost a lot more in the long run.

Finished up these #DailyDriver #Swayaway shocks for @dayne_plamondon! If you need help with your daily driver shocks, shoot me a DM or swing by the shop. Get your truck riding right for all those upcoming river trips 🍻 #DialedShockPrep

Swipe to see the before and after pictures of these 2.5x12” #FoxShocks bypasses for @happyfab1. When these were dropped off i thought they were black anodizing, not blue. Fresh seals, oil, valving, uniballs, and they are ready to rock again! #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

I Finished up this 6100 truck shock package with a full service and bypass cylinder re-coat. What do you guys think of the @steelitcoatings on the bypasses? #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

Nothing like a last minute pre job right before the #MoreRacing #Mckenzies250 for @dhrmotorsports!! Got them all freshened up with some little tweaks and changes to them. 💪🏻 #Class2000 #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

Here’s some repairs we did over the past month. Two kings had cracked resi ports we rewelded back in place, one bypass had a smashed tube we replaced entirely, and also got rid of the top mounted resi ports on a pair of Fox Bypasses. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

Making improvements on @aguayo2660’s #KingShocks #JeepJk factory replacement shocks on his 2007 Unlimited. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb #ItsAJeepThing

Finally getting @marcytech’s ranger to not be such a suction cup in the whoops! It has always had a slight packing issue, so we fandangled some things in his rear coilovers and bypasses last minute before his trip and now the rear end is moving. A small rebound tube adjustment and it’s pretty much set 💪🏻 #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

Looks like @trophyltd1990 is enjoying his fresh oil and valving and foam shaft bumps out at #LSFest. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb #HuckYourCar

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