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Kevin Casey  🇺🇸 ♯DIALEDSHOCKPREP Suspension&Things Social Media is not Real Life 💭

Public service announcement!! Don’t ignore your expensive shocks, even if you have them on your daily driver!! A customer brought these in for a rebuild because they were leaking and upon opening them, i now understand why. Unfortunately these shocks are not salvageable as just about every part in them is destroyed. The pistons were wearing on the cylinder for so long that the wear band and wear band grooves are gone.

I’m bummed the steering box bolts stripped on this truck before the day ended, but besides that i made some improvements on this truck with @omg_ryleewalker1483 occupying the drivers seat. Once she’s fixed we’ll be headed back out for more tuning 🙌🏼

@prerun4fun13 out shredding #ZooRoad down in Baja over the weekend. Whatcha think?

Barstow bound tomorrow morning with @32hshoup and @jack_benttube for a little bit of tuning! I’m wishing the weather was gonna be how it was in this photo, instead it will be near triple digits. Bring out the cabana hats! Come say hi if you’re gonna be out there. #DialedShockPrep

I mashed together some video clips of @prerun4fun13 last weekend in Barstow. Trent brought me all of his shocks so i could valve them prior to @juberafab finishing the explorer, and this is the end result of a handful of hours of tuning spent in Barstow. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

@prerun4fun13 Out enjoying his explorer built by @juberafab. He brought me the shocks right before the truck was finished so i could ball park valve everything and set the tubes, and it seems to be working well right out of the box. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

Before and After photos of these #DonahoeRacing OEM Coilvoers. They haven’t ever been serviced since new (Im gonna assume 10+ years ago??) and they were absolutely due for love. All clean and ready to rock now! Thanks for the help sourcing new shock shafts @fox1420 #DialedShockPrep #LoveYourDaily

@marcytech and @ryan.cook_ Out at the @terracrew Pismo meet enjoying his little ranger that could. This truck still surprises me with the crap that it can drive through for being such a simple truck. It’s working proof that good setup and geometry plays a huge role on how a truck works and eats holes and walls. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

@thegumbyranger 🙌🏼👍🏼 I’ve helped David with the shock stuff on his truck, and his truck is a huge inspiration for my own dust collector. I’m stoked to see him out using the truck and getting more comfortable in it, and I’m looking forward to tweaking on it some to make it smoother and more capable. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

Mah dude @stayontop1 was out in Pismo last weekend sending it with the @terracrew boys! His truck is one of my favorites because it’s simple, clean, and works really well. 📷@trick.raptor with the clean photo skills. #DialedShockPrep #Terracrew

Solid freshen up and new resi for these @carlisuspension Dodge OEM shocks 👊🏼💪🏻 Clean shocks are happy shocks. #DialedShockPrep #TrucksAreDumb

For Sale! I have 1 OG Ford Rough riders Alcoa for sale. 5x5.5 pattern for 5/8” studs, 15x7”. This is not the standard OEM F150/Bronco Alcoa, this was off one of the race trucks. Still has the Alcoa steeker, $100 obo. Also have 3 17x8, 5x5 chrome RG street wheels. Make offer on those

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