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Kevin Si ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  I do coffee dates on Monday and Tuesdays at Makati and BGC with strangers and friends. No agenda, just stories and memories. DM me, let's meet! 😀

This is @geloinpics
We've been friends for 4 years now but we never got the chance to meet till last Tuesday! All the late night calls then and discussing anything under the stars, with deep thoughts and everyday matters, those evenings were very much cherished. Oh the struggles we had, have and live with and the shit we had to deal with, good laughs.

I'm so happy you broke free of your chains this time, it was great seeing you happy and you felt so light to talk to. To more meet ups! ☕

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There is always something you can learn with everyone.
Big thanks to these two: @tim_santos and @joshualeo.h for keeping me company last Friday! I needed that plus deep conversations.

Also, I've been watching a lot of street photography videos lately and I've absorbed two things:
1) Not all good shots are sharp, crisp and well composed. It's all about moments and emotions.
2) Beauty is in the story, no matter if you're into fashion but most especially street, its not all about composition exactly that makes the view but more about what it tells.

Beauty is everywhere but happiness and emotions are fleeting.

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A pillow, cap, diffuser and a violin case (where the cap is on). These 4 things are nothing of the ordinary to anyone. But to me they hold memories that lands on both extremes of the emotional spectrum to gash and cherish. Sentimental value is such a polarizing matter.

Happy Birthday @robbedrob !
Achievement unlocked! 🙌

I forgot what my instagram is for and got too focused about being an "influencer." I got really strict in picking photos and unfortunately had none at all. In the end, this account is just about my life and my adventure, and I shall post more often just so we'd all remember how I am in the future ✌️

At my favored coffee shop taking a picture of my favorite person
📸: @chrisvirina

Morning quiet times are the best. 📖☀️
Who here likes waking up in the morning? 🙈

Surround yourself with good people and you wont miss the good things in life, ever ✌️

Can you Sea what I Si? ⛵

Being 28 at 2018, I get to be confused a lot about "what's my destiny?" and "what am I doing?" It takes time to figure out I gain nothing by waiting on chance and being passive about life. Instead it feels so much better to start picking what you want and pursue it. Start being embarassing and do things you're scared of as long as you're not stepping down on anybody but your past self. 📸: @jikaykairuz

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