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Kevin McHale  My daddy Alabama (Connecticut), mama Louisiana (New York)

Seeing @hannahdlaine dance is truly one of the great gifts in life. Also, taking @austineyes to his first Beyoncé & Jay show made me feel like Oprah. 🙌
(oh and heyyy @jameelajamilofficial & @jamesblake)

Melchior realness. Parents. Alyssa. The bride. Wedding SUCCESS.

You know how I feel about @upfitnesslosangeles. Now there’s a cookbook by UP king @heynickmitchell 🙌. There are pancakes. You’re welcome in advance. (Link in bio, yo)

I don’t do well in the heat. @luvgenstudio

Oh my gah, a mirror.

Before & Afters make it official. I’ll try to make this brief..ish:
My friend @realscottmills texted me out of the blue in May & told me about his experience w/ @upfitnesslive & how they just opened up in LA (@upfitnesslosangeles ). I then said things things like “These before/after pics must be fake” & “what pills or drugs are these people on because there’s no way they did that.” Scott then sent me some pics of his own “transformation” and I was like 😱. Nuff said, I went in and met with them.
12 weeks later, after a lot of hard work 3 times a week & dieting & NO steroids or supplemental anything other than vegan protein shakes (despite what some people have been saying) or photoshop (not even a filter!), these pics were the results.
I’m not a “gym person” and I definitely don’t like posting pics of my self like this on Instagram, but after I’d gone through a year 1/2 of crazy digestion issues (that ended up being a parasite) and being super discouraged and motivated because I felt terrible all of the time - I’m proud of myself. Eddie, my trainer, taught me things that I will be able to apply to my life from here on out and put up with my crazy stomach issues and schedule.
I didn’t do this for anyone else other than myself. Eating better & exercising make me feel better not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Sure, the superficial aspect of it is not completely terrible 😏but ultimately I just wanted to see what I was capable of.
I’m super indebted to @upfitnesslosangeles and Eddie. They’re legitimately the shit. I’ve never experienced anything like their attention to detail and the care the put in with everyone. I’ve since gotten several of my friends to start training with them and they all can testify to that!
Happy Friday!

Happy happy birthday to my mom. You come from long line of strong women and you must be the strongest yet. You amaze me every day. 💕

Is it a coincidence that the @dodgers take over the #1 spot after I grace them with my presence? 🧐

We don’t hate each other

Sophie’s reaction to Bloom & then Kamikaze.

A lady 📸 @mirandadivozzo

“I’m on a diet...ok one sip...” 📸 @mirandadivozzo

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