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Kevin Joshua Handojo  I am an Ambassador of Christ. I am destined to reign. I am living above the fray. Without Him, I am nothing.

Catching up with my junior back in high school who I believe will become the next generation leader of giant slayers #thereismore

Thank you so much SMA Negeri 6 (SMANSIX) Makassar for having us earlier this arvo #FANTASTIS #AkuMuda

At the end of the day, it is the moments off pulpit, where there is no spotlight, and when nobody is looking toward the stage anymore that count. It is where friendships are formed, character is probed, prayers goes up, hearts are submitted, and God goes beneath the surface. What a semester it has been! Grateful for our team and the people. For all the hands that were bruised while serving to make the work light. You guys has served many and loved well. Let's do it again on this second half, to serve more and love a lot, leaving a mark in history #thefutureisablankcanvas #wearetheink

Growing up, I had no friends. I was overlooked for being shy, mocked around for being a pastor's son, bullied because of my body size, and hated on for having a big dream. And yet, here I was, standing in front of 4,300+ strong congregation for 2 nights, 8 weeks ago (after 5 consecutive outreach for the last 19 months, impacting 7,500+ young people's lives) I was given the privilege to lead a movement called @akumudaindonesia together with the misfit group of people who never cease to give so much to the vision. And at the end, we found out that 300+ souls got saved during that weekend after 2,000 phone calls for 7 days non-stop. This moment is a testament to God's sovereign choosing. I'm here because He called me. And because I have a family who believed in the next generation. Who prayed for me daily and never fail to support my crazy ideas. I'm the third generation of Handojo family, 25 years old. And in my ability, academic background and self-reliance, I'm unlikely to be here. But God did it, hallelujah! And if He did it in my life, He can do it in yours. Nothing is impossible. It's Jesus! #AkuMuda

Church without young people is without future. Likewise, young people without church is without future - if the church doesn't produce giant slayers at the rate the world is producing giants, we will lose (2 Samuel 21:15-22)
DM @akumudaindonesia with the invitation for your school and uni to be visited!
#backtoschool #AkuMuda #togetherstronger

My shoulders are their footstool - building generations to come that I believe will be better than mine #nextgiantslayers #AkuMuda

Throwback to our hillsong concert filadelfia (day two) just before the countdown when Ps. @aranpuddle Ps. @cameronlmcdonald and team greeted the people who had queue for three long hours.
This team called family from an amazing church based in australia (and now all over the world) has never failed to showcase Jesus in everything that they do.
Once again, I would like to wish them all a life-changing conference this year, starting tonight #wishcouldbethere #hillsongconf2017

This is a bitter-sweet moment for us as leaders (tag @christianhalim15)
Had a farewell dinner with our brother in Christ, @yunusrivaldo before he leave to Sydney for college tomorrow night. He joined us almost a year ago, and got baptized early this year.
I still remember the first time we had a real one-on-one conversation just after I got to know him, and now he is the one who always drive me around from service to service when I'm preaching.
Came as a stranger, and leave as a family (just for now haha p.s. come back soon and stay!)
He thanked us for the whole dinner tonight, but really we are the one who are thankful for his life and who he has become.
He inspires us to serve this generation even more, that the reason why we do what we do is actually to see more young people like him find their God's given purpose and fulfill it.
So once again, thank you being who you are and inspires us to go the extra mile, trying to empty an ocean with a spoon, one day at a time.
I pray that you will always running a race towards godliness and pursue Christ only. May Christ be the one you behold, and nothing else, amen.
#FAMILY #AkuMuda

Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad #oursupportsystem #parentsgoal

Received this beautiful picture from our surabaya youth camp while currently in bali for a brief holiday.
We either make our own way to the top and get pulled over because going over the speed limits (which is dangerous), or stay faithful until gets picked up in His perfect timing.
Like tools that never ask to be use, let us simply be available #foundationoverfame #slowdownandbuild #leadingfromtheplaceofrestandgrace

My friend took this photo earlier this afternoon in a landfill around east makassar when our team went there to give back to the community.
This does resound in my head a question that I've been asking myself repeatedly lately. Am I seeking to be a star or a servant?
It breaks my heart knowing that these kids might think nobody cares anymore. That everyone only aim for the sky and choose to look away from those who are in need while doing so.
But thank God for these nameless, faceless, and selfless group of people who have given of themselves, their lives, their gifts, and their love to the people.
#thatsmile #priceless

Thank you so much SMK Telkom (STELK) Makassar for having us earlier this arvo #FANTASTIS #AkuMuda

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