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Kevin Garrison  Cinematographer | Based in Los Angeles. ☀️ I love long walks in different countries, and candlelit sets. Currently in: Los Angeles 🌴

I’m very proud of everyone involved with this film and incredibly grateful for all the attention it’s garnered around the world, from festivals all over the US to the recent screening at Le Petit Cannes.

@taronlexton directed this captivatingly written story about an epidemic our country faces on a daily basis.

Thank you @inicklane and @jimpressions for transforming an intimate conversation between a father and son into a global discussion. Check out the trailer, link in the bio. ☀️2️⃣☀️

Shot on two different sides of the world - another ad for ABCMouse that I’m proud to share. The practical juxtaposition in shooting this series of ads never ceased to amaze me. From comforts of shooting in hometown LA to the adventure of hiking up the Great Wall with more than twenty cases of gear and a foreign crew - no shoot with @txlfilms is without it’s immensely rewarding challenges. Here is “Future Teacher”!
Director: @taronlexton
DP: @kevingarrison
Producers: @nathan_lorch @milenaferreira625 @inicklane @kimkut
Production Design: @toddleojeffery
Editorial: @thekhoma
Gaffer: @craigarz
1st AC: @danielworlock
Production Sound: @robfilios
Post/Sound Producer: @jonnymass
Hair and Makeup: @mariahnicolebeauty
Wardrobe: @iamsaraacevedo
VFX Supervisor: @bshoop
Camera and Lenses: @camtec

Varanasi, India. A Sadhu’s morning prayer in the Ganges River.

Perito Moreno, Patagonia

The day @robjumps saw his life flash before his eyes - all because of a one dollar bet. We were driving down a long snow covered road toward one of the many ice fields outside of Patagonia’s El Calafate. On the agenda for the day - charter a boat and document the many ice bergs that had calved off from the glacier into Lago Argentina. Along the way, Rob spots a mountain ridge dusted with fresh snow and he excitedly claims, “I bet I could climb that in ten minutes.” I bet him a dollar he can’t do it. The game is on.💰 As we arrive to the base of the ridge, we realize it’s easily 400 feet high. He starts his climb with haste and I fire up the drone to document my inevitable success and newly acquired dollar. To his credit, he makes it to the top after 30 grueling minutes of scaling snow covered rocks and rubble and sends me a selfie from the top - on his back hanging just over the sheer drop of the massive cliff face. Rob closes his eyes and embraces the cool wind whipping about and sun warming his cheeks. He hears a strange noise as something swoops past the cliff and opens his eyes to see the largest flying bird in the world, the Andean Condor, swooping down at him. 🦅
Rob screams loudly enough for me to hear on the ground, and this massive bird cuts away at the last second. I fire up the drone a second time to investigate and see Rob sprinting down the mountainside as several of these beasts circle and dive from overhead - each with roughly a ten foot wing span and massive talons. Andean Condors been known occasionally hunt by tossing full sized goats from cliffs. Rob may not have made it up in less than ten minutes - but he certainly made it down. I still took his dollar.

The world’s third largest reserve of fresh water - Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentine Patagonia. One of the few glaciers on the planet that is still advancing and not retreating. That ice wall you see down there is a respectable 240-300 feet high and stretches back 19 miles long. ❄️ Fun fact: @robfilios and I spent more than 48 hours traveling just to arrive in the nearby city El Calafate. Traveling with Rob means an endless slew of unique experiences. I’ll have to tell you all how we ended stuck in a Patagonian police station at 2 in the morning on tomorrow’s post, and almost sent our car flying into a frozen lake.

A brief look behind the scenes at the making of In Search of Fellini starring @therealksolo and @officialmariabello. The final theater run in the USA is happening this week here in Florida, and we’re seeing it off with a Q&A at AMC Oldsmar on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be joining @nancy_cartwright and Peter Kjenaas on the panel tonight and tomorrow after the 7:50pm and 9:25pm showings! :) Hope to see you there!

Floridians! A lovely feature I had the pleasure of shooting - In Search of Fellini is making it’s final run in theaters this week in Florida! Starring @therealksolo and @officialmariabello. Directed by @taronlexton and written by @nancy_cartwright and @peterkjenaas. I’ll be taking part in the Q&A with Nancy and Peter this weekend at AMC Oldsmar at 7:50pm and the later 10:00 o’clock showing. It’s in theaters from the 19th through the 25th, but grab tickets for Saturday or Sunday night if you’d like to catch the Q&A after! Hope to see you there!

This was one of the largest and most challenging projects with @TXLFilms to date and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Traveling around the world for weeks filming in the US, Egypt, Mexico, England and China was a dream. Between scout, prep and shoot - it took 55 working days in total and an incredible crew to make this project a reality. There’s more to come in the series, but here is the first and one of my favorites, A to Infinity.

Director @taronlexton
DP @kevingarrison
Producers @nathan_lorch @milenaferreira625 @inicklane @kimkut
Production Design @toddleojeffery
Colorist: @siggy_ferstl @company_3
Gaffer: @craigarz
1st AC: @danielworlock
Nauticam Tech: @k.orthmann
Sound @robfilios
Hair and Makeup: @mariahnicolebeauty
Wardrobe @iamsaraacevedo
VFX @bshoop @themissionstudio
Music @kenniffs
Camera and Lenses: @camtec_mpc

Rowing down the Ganges river at night in Varanasi, India is one of the most peaceful and serene experiences I’ve ever had. India’s a truly magical place and I can’t wait to get back there this year. :)

That moment when a wall of water smashes into a shoreline rock face and explodes toward you while filming in Hawaii and you get knocked to the ground seconds later by the resulting wave. 🌊

Underwater selfie. Because why not.
#swimmingwiththedolphins #ilovemyjob

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