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Kevin Anda | Bali  Kevin’s my real name. My mum took it from Home Alone main character.

Fact: During her first visit to Leh, she rented a motorcycle and went out for days without any gps tracking (google map). Then, she found this empty road in nowhere. Now, it’s one of her favorite and secret spot in the region. #napaktilas_herjourneys @her_journeys

Every photos have its own story. A great photo taken by a top class photographer sometimes no need written story to tell what’s behind or the meaning of it. But, neither the photo or myself is close to the words “great” or “top class”. But, I like to tell it and at least I’m good enough to do so. The behind story of this photo was quite funny, sometimes I smile remembering how stupid the moment was. We were on the chartered taxi for 2 days 1 night trip. Oh boy, I can tell you how happy I was to get this kind of driver because he understood us, 4 photo maniacs. He stopped literally at every single places when we just unconsciously say “ah” or “wow”. I tell you, you rarely will get this kind of driver in India. Almost all the drivers that we got were either scammed us or fooled us. But not this guy. However, like a photo maniacs who have the mission to keep pushing the shutter button, a driver also has a mission to drive to the final place on time. So we hit the moment where our super nice driver could not stop anymore (or at least that’s what he think but he gave it anyway). We came across the hundred mountains and it wasn’t anything new anymore at this point. But, what made it new is there were puddles. Right, puddles. We passed some little ones and I was thinking “well, that was a nice puddles, shame they are not big enough to get a whole mountain in a frame”. Then we passed passed passed and passed all the small puddles until we met the biggest one. Boy oh boy, we screamed to stop and we would love to die to make the driver to stop this time. We didn’t talk to each other before we scream at the same time tho. It was just happened spontaneously because those 4 photo maniacs have the same idea in mind. It’s still funny because we 2 and 2 persons who never knew each other and yet because our love with photography, mountains, sceneries, snows, ices, Ladakh, Leh, road trip then we somehow became a pack of best friends who somehow connected telepathically. Ah that stupid time 😂.

Why am I still here?

Small stream, who cares? Only her.

“What a beauty, what a beauty. What a... Beauty” That’s all what I could think of when Anggey and I reach the peak of one of the hills at the back or beside the Leh Palace. A city surrounded by gorgeous mountains. Remind me of Sembalun of Lombok island. But you know already Lombok would be beautiful so you already expect it. Unlike India, too much expectation sometimes will lead you to the down side but once you not expecting anything, you’ll be amazed in aw. Photo by @her_journeys

I remember clearly those piercing eyes. If I’m not partially colour blind, I would be glad to share the details with you. But, I can share you another detail. Yes, those eyes were starring at me. A guy who looks like from Southern India but yet he did not sound any like an Indian he possibly could ever met. More like a shivering English fella. We were on our journey to a village called Thiksey to attend a monk dance festival at the local monastery. My group and I were stopping our scooter in front of her mum’s food place. It was so close but we couldn’t bear with the morning cold of Ladakh. About -7 degrees Celcius I would say. When we entered the place, there was this little figure ran out through the curtain door and it was him. Her mum explained to us which later on explained by our (real) Indian friends in English that he was late. So he had to wait for another army truck to come and pick him up to the school. But what I was amazed of is how thin his school sweater compared to my hiking jacket. Yet, he doesn’t cursing or complaining on how cold the weather was. Not that I understand Hindi, but he didn’t speak any words and not even showing anything resembling if he was freezing. An amazing little lad slapped me in the face and told me to stop complaining. Then again, he didn’t have to say anything to me.

Still couldn’t believe that this photo was taken when I was very pissed because I could not handle myself with a different camera on my hand. A sudden switch from Olympus to Sony was putting me in a little awkward situation. I could not really control the perfect amount of highlight when shooting directly into the sun. But heck, when I saw those pigeons flying around Anggey I was like “take it or leave it”. Of course I took it. 😛🧐

Not everyday I could see the snowy mountains.

Here we go again 🏔.

Good morning! I rarely posting something when I’m in the middle of my travel. I found it super lazy. Enjoying sharing some videos through the stories because it’s more raw than what I usually post with my photos. Well... My girlfriend keep pushing me though 😅. It’s a great shot by her too so I don’t mind now. Photo: @her_journeys

Good morning! Hope today’s better than yesterday!

Hi guys, at the moment I’m in my most uncomfortable zone. Will rarely keep in touch. But at least, I can still share some goats with you. Enjoy and good day ya!

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