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Kevin Anda  Based in Bali, personally a weekend road-tripper, writing and taking photos for OSO, travel consultant for VB. Poke me at

Morning from Campuhan Ridge walk!

We never planned on getting soaking wet on that day. We came there and see how majestic the place is and we just let our body moved by itself. We let it flow with the water and made it a glorious day at the end. Maybe you should do the same. Don't ever worry on getting wet, dirty, tanned or whatever. You might come to the place just once, and you don't want to remember during your old days that you went to some superb places knowing you did nothing worth to recall.

Can't believe I'm back again with iPhone's photos. I just finished taking some of my friends to the mountain and celebrate a bit of our country's independence day. Went to Mt. Batur is a perfect choice but I still feel itchy with the fact I lost my appetite to shoot some photos. By now, some of you may know my wide angle lens has officially dead and it created a havoc for me. Now I only have a fix 45mm, shooting with a micro 4/3 camera makes it equivalent to 90mm. A disastrous for someone who love making landscape photos. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I guess, I just have to make the best out of it.


When the houses and mosque blended together with the trees, a hill and about to get wrapped by the white fog. Such a beautiful time to stop my scooter and just keep starring at it.

I still remember how harsh the sun was to us. I thought Bali was quite hot alright but nothing beat the hotness of Rajasthan in the summer. But hey, like Anggey always does, keep smiling! Have a good Sunday!

Happy birthday once again my love! I wish nothing but all the good ones come to you on your new days ahead. @her_journeys ❀️

Hang on a second! A giant @Traveloka's logo under the beautiful blue sky on the one of the most famous beaches in Bali? Hell yeah we definitely took a photo with this! If you're in Bali and pass this places; Sanur, Pantai Pandawa, Seminyak, Kuta, Discovery Mall then you definitely will meet this huge logo! A quick tip for y'all! Better come down in the morning if you don't want anybody else ruining your moment with the @Traveloka's logo!
If you're on a vacation in Bali, you better join this photo competition with the @Traveloka's logo! You can do anything you want as long you take a photo with this logo. You can kiss it, hug it, jump in front of it, or whatever! (But don't do any vandalism!) #TravelokaFirstThenBali
There's a prize every week of 5 hotel coupons each worth of IDR 1 million! Oh man, I wish I could grab all of them! But hey, sharing is caring, am I right 😏? Wait wait wait, not only that! There's a grand prize of 3 voucher free stay for 2 nights at a 5 star hotel worth of IDR 6 million guys! Hmm... Seriously, do I have to share this or just keep it for me? 😜 .
More info about it? You better check this link: #ad

Trying to finish all photos from my camera roll. Found this gem instead.

Loving a good day with the waterfalls. When the sun is shining, you won't miss any rainbows.

When was the last time you were chilling at the edge of waterfalls? We did that during the weekend. Special thanks to our friends @asokaremadja who suggested us about Sekumpul waterfalls and @florachristin who told us about how to get to the top.

We (@her_journeys and I) went to the Northern part of Bali yesterday. Embarking the journey from our flat in Denpasar faced the 2.5 hours scooter ride. The goal was to visit one of the majestic waterfalls in Bali, which is Sekumpul Waterfalls. We parked our scooter and climbing down the stairs, but before that, we saw two most wonderful scenes during the entire day. There were Sekumpul Waterfalls on our left and there was this one on our right, if I'm not mistaken the waterfalls' name is Fiji which is located in Lemukih village.

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