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Kevin Carroll  Personal Trainer Holistic Nutritionist

Low bridge-in @amfitnessdublin

Millwall massive.
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My grandad out did me in the style stakes. 🤠 Slieve League cliffs, Ireland.

Getting myself comfortable in the uncomfortable. A lot of personalized coaching from @andy___myers this morning.
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Build-a-Bridge Wednesdays

Back to basics

Bang for buck basics

Therefore simple programming

And a lot of individualised attention during the class



@andy___myers loves a cheeky crotch shot. Loving it at @amfitnessdublin
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Quack, Quack; Bamboo, not big

It's very important to us that we dedicate a portion of the week's classes to prehab, to yin, to 'future injuries' and - most importantly - helping people to 'check in' with their body

We are educators as much as coaches. We help people, because at some stage we helped ourselves or got helped and realised that some things are for everyone, whether they want it or not

You should have some form of daily check-in with yourself, in our opinion - however that looks, feels or transpires to you

You get one body

At some stage you lose what you don't use

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun

And it also doesn't have to feel like work, to work

It's easier to keep it than get it back - Speaking from experience from things I've gained, lost and got back

Simple daily check-ins and decent habits formed from knowing yourself and when things are out of whack and what to do about it will do so much for your body and all it stands for

It's a nice option to have amongst all the strength training, a priority to some and not at all to others, which is cool

Strength is subjective

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The boys, their wives and I.
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Irlanda.... Nil points.

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You can change your life with a single tipping point from a book
One sentence can be the catalyst for change
Don't leave it up to school to teach ya. You will be sadly disappointed and behind the curve
The modern education system has turned people off from books. Stop seeing a book like a one time event. It's like a friend you read it over and over and over
Build your own brain. Take your own path. That's where the magic is
I'll see ya there
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Getting some Vitamin 🌊 , until..... I realized there were jellyfish... EVERYWHERE! 📸 @ricardotfitness

He's gotten us this far. I BELIEVE. 49-1 👑 @thenotoriousmma

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Find your people. Love them hard.

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