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Today's outfit is one of my favorites-I wear it often. It's a gray and black striped skirt that I got at a garage sale a couple of years ago and a tank top which is pretty much a clothing staple for me especially in the warm weather. The big deal though is my first time wearing my new Steve Madden "Gabby" gray wedge shoes! I ❤ them!

I also wanted to just share a reality of weight loss. One of the things that I've learned the last couple of years is how to dress for my body and how to minimize my body flaws. You can see on the two lower bottom photos that I definitely do not have a flat stomach - maybe many of you realized that - but also many don't because I get messages all the time asking how I got my stomach is so flat and if I have loose skin. It's very flattering to hear but it's not at all true that I have a flat stomach! You can see how it protrudes and that on the bottom what's under there is an apron flap of skin and those of you that have them now exactly what I'm talking about. I also still have some abdominal fat. This is the very thing I want to get removed when I have a tummy tuck so then I will indeed hopefully have a "flat" stomach.

How about those shoes though??? 😍😍 #Keto #ketofam #ketogenicdiet #ketodiet #ketolife #looseskin #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fashion #keepingitreal #reality #tummytuck #ilost100pounds #100poundsdown #shoes #stevemaddenshoes #newshoes #iloveshoes

#FaceliftFriday #CarbFaceToKetoFace

On the left I'm 42 years old and I had been on keto for about a month already. Granted I have on no make up in that photo on the left, but I feel like I looked older than 42 and although I'd started to feel better already, I definitely felt older than 42.

The picture on the right was taken last week at age 46 and I do have make up on in that picture, but I don't use any filters/app tricks etc.-I don't even know how, but I do know that I look best in natural light which is why am fond of taking selfies outside or in my car. Haha
My point here is that just one of the many benefits that living a ketogenic lifestyle yields is that we feel younger and we look younger. So maybe people are just being nice, but I am regularly told that I don't look old enough to have a nearly 27-year-old son. No one used to say that to me prior to Keto when they found out I had a son in his 20s.

What are some of the other benefits to living a ketogenic lifestyle? My hair is better and grows faster, my skin is better-it looks healthier and is not dry or ashy anymore. The psoriasis I used to have on my abdomen and occasionally on my elbows and my scalp are almost nonexistent now. I have nothing on the skin on my body but I still have some very minor psoriasis on my scalp. I'm not sure if it'll ever 100% go away but I don't even feel like I'm dealing with anything that's a nuisance. It may as well be dandruff. lol
Weight loss of course. My metabolic function has improved-if I walked into a doctors office today in my current condition no one would diagnose me with type two diabetes the way they did in 2008. I no longer have high blood pressure. No longer have high cholesterol. All of that is normal and I am on no medications anymore. I no longer have sleep apnea nor do I snore-it's a nice feeling going to bed knowing I'm going to get a good night sleep.

Bottom line, keto will improve your health and your vanity. 

So, don't listen to naysayers and all the people out there right now trying to warn people against Keto. (Continued in comments)


Today was kind of a hungry day so I ate three meals which is pretty rare - I'm hormonal and was hungry. First meal with ground beef with marscapone. Second meal was six chicken drumettes with one serving of Marie's bleu cheese dressing. Third meal was steamed shrimp with garlic and butter. Not pictured is the fatty coffee I had. I was a little over on my protein. Tomorrow is a fasting day. I'll eat again on Saturday. #groundbeef #beef #mascarpone #traderjoes #drumettes #chicken #bluecheese #shrimp #butter #eatrealfood #realfood #lchf #lowcarb #eatmorefat #highfat #keto #ketofam #ketodiet #ketomeal #ketofood #diet #macros #meat #carnivores

Rolls anyone? You know, I can live with this - it could be a lot worse. I'm really wondering though if once I get my tummy tuck (this year I hope) will this still be happening? I'm really hoping that once the loose skin is removed and any liposuction I have (if necessary) means no more rolls when I sit or will they just be baby rolls?? It's fine when I stand up, but sometimes a girl just has to sit down. lol #looseskin #bodyfat #tummytuck #ketofam #fifam #bellyrolls #bellyapron #weightloss #after #weightlossresults #ilost100lbs #100poundsdown #100poundslost

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#KetoCon is not all speakers and lectures. We’ve expanded this year and have gone from 30 exhibitors last year to more than 70 this year! Have checked out the “Showcase” tan on our website? ....
And to add to the excitement, several of our awesome supporters have gathered together to host a Keto Cocktail party for ALL of the attendees, volunteers, speakers, exhibitors and their staff! ....
Don’t miss it!
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Went to my second orange theory class today and it was fantastic-I feel really good. I was kind of stressing out during the class though because the majority of my time was spent in the red and I was thinking wow this can't be good but I feel good. So I asked the instructor after the class if being in the read the whole time meant that I wasn't very cardio fit. He told me that for some people it can mean that but for other people it could just mean you have a higher resting heart rate. He said as long as I didn't feel queasy/nauseous or like I was going to pass out that it was probably totally fine. So, I shall move forward and not worry!! #orangetheory #orangetheoryfitness #fitness #fitfam #ketofam #cardio #bodyweight #gettingitdone #exercise #workout

I love people who aren't afraid to say what they mean and who mean what they say! This is one of my newer favorite accounts to follow on IG. #Repost @shawnbaker1967 with @get_repost
For about 3 million years meat has provided man excellent health and nutrition- in about 1950, apparently meat suddenly became “bad” for us- A bunch of poorly designed studies and fevered propaganda have been trying to convince you to deny what your body has been telling you ever since- Even back as Homo Erectus, when we only had brains, slightly bigger than the other “plant based” primates we had enough sense to eat every big fatty animal we could kill- Wake up and understand who you are!! You are not some low brained leaf munching simian! You are a Human, now go eat a steak and start acting like one!! #Carnivorediet #meatheals #ribeye #steak #worldcarnivoretribe #evolvedbrain

This is low carb hot chocolate. It wasn't for me - I made it for my 14 year old son who is low carb - I can't really call him Keto because he's a regular cheater and in my mind (don't care if you don't agree this is just me) one isn't Keto when non compliant ingredients/food choices are regularly on the menu. So my low carb kid can indulge in the SF Hershey syrup that I won't have. Recipe: 10 oz hot water, 1/4 cup HWC, 1 tblspn SF Hershey syrup, and a teaspoon of Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder. #hotchocolate #lchf #lowcarb #lowcarbhotchocolate #hershey #sugarfree #healthykids #fatfueledkids #lowcarbkids #lowcarbtreat

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Craig and Maria Emmerich will both be speaking at KetoCon2018! So excited to hear this dynamic couple share their knowledge! .....
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Today's meal - I broke a 36 hour fast with this and I'm still not hungry again. I may have a coffee with heavy cream while I'm out at a book sale tonight.

Anyway this is Trader Joe's pork belly that I crisped up in the air fryer and paired with a side of avocado. Sprinkled some at Trader Joe's "everything but the bagel" seasoning on the avocado. So delicious!! #ketogenicdiet #ketofam #ketogenic #ketodiet #ketomeal #ketofood #lchf #porkbelly #traderjoes #avocado #highfat #allthenoms #pork #eatmorefat #lowcarb #ketofoodporn #intermittentfasting #ketogenicfood #ketocommunity

I choose bad ass because for many, many years I half assed it and ended up with a fat ass. #badass #commitment #steadfast #ketofam #goals #goforit #getitdone #nevergiveup #goaldigger #passion #hardwork

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