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Keto Living Ph  🛵STRICT KETO PROGRAM MEALS since JUNE 7, 2017 Partners @keto.cebu @ketolife.uae @ketovegetarianph

I was focused consistent and didn’t quit ! - @mjcayabyab6 #ketolivingphmember #transformation

Thank you #cnnphilippines @ruthcabal15 for sharing the keto journey of #ketolivingphmember @highme420fit @tin3tin 👏🏻

Keto Diet is one the most efficient diet there is to lose weight. The tricky part is this: when beginners confuse low-carb as synonymous with ketogenic diet, and “net carbs” [1] end up NOT counting carbs from veggies, proteins, and the carbs and sugar alcohols often found in “carb-free,” “sugar-free” foods. Remember:

LC ≠ K (Low-carb does not equal ketosis).We are a Strict Program Keto Meal Delivery.
DO IT RIGHT! We are a Strict Program Keto Meal Delivery. Which conveniently give you the right macros you need every day to get you into ketosis.


Let us know if you have any other questions :)

From someone who can’t close his pants we turned him into a man who shops for medium pants. Guess for how long ? In less than 3 months ✊🏻 ask us how 🤗

Co-host @cnnphilippines @christinesandejas REALTALK We love having you on board and joining our quest to a healthier lifestyle by doing #ketosisdiet #ketoworks #ketolivingphmember

Re-post: @gino.quillamor - Can you believe that this mouthwatering burger is low carb ? BELIEVE :)#ketokingburger

😱 mic drop #KetolivingPHhero News Anchor @ruthcabal15 #transformationfriday 🙌🏻

#ketolvingphhero - @thisiskatezulueta be somebody nobody thought you could be.

#KetolivingPHhero @tin3tin - I wanted to see what happens if I Didn’t give up ! Consistency is the key to keto !

Dr. Gem Lazaro MD- The extra weight I’ve been carrying may not seem a lot but it was super resistant -As you age it gets more difficult to get rid of.The Keto WOE is an amazing discovery and you dont feel like you’re on a diet 😜👯Thanks to Ketolivingph I was able to lose those fats in 4 months 👏🏻💪🏻 and it has become a lifestyle for me.Other side benefits from the diet I’m so happy with: my painful thumbs(De Quervains disease ), acne and migraine disappeared completely🤭 My 2 daughters are now on keto and recently joined the ketolivingph family.If you want to go on a strict and true ketogenic diet don’t hesitate to subscribe to ketolivingph meals.You are assured of the right macros proportion with their meals👌🏻
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WOHOOO here we go #abudhabi @ketolife.uae !Are you ready to do Keto with @ketolivingph. In partnership with @binalotexpress_abudhabi we roll out tomorrow! Mashallah !

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