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花樣年華  KΦΛ solero🌞

The flowers of my life 🌸

Everything’s funnier when we’re together🤷🏻‍♀️

I looked into infinity... And all I saw was a bunch of Asian girls so I am confusion America explain

Always good times wit da sunbuns because all we do is complain✌️💕 but this time was more fun because my girl got her belly pierced while watching an animal planet documentary 😍

It was national best friends yesterday, which I was unaware of until I saw all of the other Instagram posts about it LOL so here are some of the people that make me whole💕

My favorite Illinois-ing boys🤷🏻‍♀️ No one else I’d rather take extra photos in LA and have our car semi break down with!!!

Last prom ever!! I’m gonna miss high school so much!! Night to remember!!!! But rlly tho love ya sun buns

California summer actually got me missing the Illinois Spring🌸

And the bestie Gina💓

Hi biggie 👋💕 pretty late to post this, but I guess it’s because I still haven’t accepted that you’ve graduated and I won’t be able to share Paris super rolled ice cream with you anymore or dance with you when we go out or rant about life with you ;-; as you can tell so many of my favorite college memories have been with you. You called me your California sunshine when I crossed but you were all that and more for me. I am so so proud of you and all that you’ve done and all that you will do(DONTLEAVEMEJSJJSJS) thank you for welcoming me into the best sistuh-hood and for teaching me so much both in and out of Greek life!! You inspire me from your make up skills to leadership roles to organization to savagery. I could only hope to become such a CONFIDENT BEAUTIFUL STRONG BOSS LADY LIKE YOU ONE DAY😤💕 anyways I love you forever and ever and I know that this is just the beginning. Imma stop typing before I get emo ok ily bye:)

Thanks April for treating me well😌
Here’s one second(ish) of every day (roughly) of this past month! Thank you to everyone that made it a good one :”) especially those in this video. (if you’re not in this it prob just means I forgot to record the moment 😭💕)

Lilac the motivation to finish my finals😅🌸

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JIWON MY SUNSHINE💕☀️ my honey that pull up in a lemon 😏get it HAH. Anyway thank you for not only dancing with me but always making sure I have the best time😋 you light up every room you’re in and you work so hard to give the best to all your friends and orgs you’re in. You’ve been grinding so hard this past year and I hope you know I’m so proud of ya! Keep holding it down bbg😤💕 MORE MATTRESS HALLWAY PICTURES SOON OK?!

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