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kate  花樣年華 KΦΛ solero🌞

What’s tighter- our jeans or our friendship? 🤔👖

So happy to see the @merrelltwins in their interview segment with @extratv covering the girls’ debut collection with @true_img 🤗💕 These twins are the sweetest and are already going so far👏 Loved working with you two on set and doing copy writing and creative work for your debut collection!
Fun fact: their favorite kpop girl group is #blackpink 👀🖤💖

I was considering not posting this for a while but then I just I realized I should just be proud because @rey.steezy and I worked hard on this sooOOoOoOoooO go check out the full cover of #Hann on my koreaboo account @k.solero I follow back👀💕

September was one to remember💕 one second of every day this past month wAHOOOOOO #leapsecond

Just photosynthesizin’ 🍃

Missing spending time with my favorite boogers singing show tunes subpar-ly and parallel parking terribly 😭💕

seek out the joy🌞

First week of classes officially done! Peace out summa✌️☀️

Want a super cute big like mine? 💕👀 come out to one of @uiuckappas rush events happening all of this week and next week😝 these sisters mean the world to me- they push me to be better as a person, student, and professional, they let me borrow/ have their clothes, and they gas me up on every one of my insta posts😩😍 for more info see our fb event page!

STORY TIME: soooo, after the hardest school year of my life both academically and personally and 2 days before I was set to go back to California for the summer, my MacBook Pro was stolen. It was the newest model, a Christmas gift from my dad who gave in after I begged for years. I had a very slow $300 Lenovo before that for 3 years, so this was supposed to be the laptop I used for the next 4 years at the very least, but I only used it for about a total of 5 months, and I never found out who took my laptop (same for Gina's camera, because that had been stolen too). In both cases, it was extremely confusing and frustrating because the security footage showed no one out of the ordinary going in or out of my apartment in the times of the disappearance. Those mysterious circumstances made it all the more frustrating because if it had been pawned, I could at least find who took it. However, that was not the case and I'll never know for sure the snake that really stole it. What I DO know is that I worked my ASS off this summer to make enough money and then some to buy a new one all on my own. Instead of letting it get me down the whole summer, I was motivated to seek out new opportunities to make money and get experience, which ultimately gave me a lot of amazing new opportunities I wouldn’t have expected and pushed me to improve and be better. I'm pretty proud to say the least- even though this is an older model and it's pre-owned, it's mine and I intend on guarding it with mY LIFE. so a big FUQUE YOU to the guy who stole my laptop, IM DOING GREAT NOW, AND I GOT A NEW ONE. And yes I was extra enough to go on a Photoshoot with the new Mac, taken by Gina’s new camera. Thanks for tuning in everyone 💕

I be glowin and growin🌸✨ (and so is Gina!)

Happy birthday to the one person that I can hate as much as I love (we infuriate each other💕)

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