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Kestrels  rock band

Chad reviewed the new @official_jickstagram for @talkhouse. Spoiler alert: IT IS GREAT. Link in bio

First band. What were you doing on 23 November 1995? I was covering Nirvana, Ash, and NoFX with my friends Vince and Mike. Lots of Peavey solid state amps were used in the production of this “demo”. #scurvydogs #arrmatey

10 years ago 🙌 A few of these left. Send a message if you want one. “Seaside” was the first song I wrote for Kestrels (although there was a song from an earlier session by Chad and the Brainiacs that ended up on Primary Colours). I tried to put a math rock part into the intro which is what you did if you were trying to get attention on halifaxlocals at the time (RIP). Anyway, I gave up on that idea and that F#min7-A-Dmaj7 intro happened. Grant Lawrence put this song on his podcast at the time which was pretty cool (although I didn’t know who he was...other people told me it was cool). Fun fact: this is one of only two Kestels songs to feature a Gibson electric 🤓. I still remember the rainy day I went to bank to get a money order for the vinyl deposit. I cut out the original sleeves by hand and stuffed the jackets on my 25th birthday. Thanks to @dubious_dace for tracking and mixing this back in the day. Oh, the past... (credit to @gothicryro for the sick sleeve in the second picture)

Solo set next week! This is going to be the thing of legend. PWYC/all ages. Excellent poster by @heatherjgrant. Link in bio 🤩

Fresh content delivered daily. ALSO: playing a solo show on April 27 at @lostandfoundhfx with Heather from @crossedwireshfx and Noel from @washingmachine902. Details soooon

Working on A Ghost History in 2011. I still have that shirt and guitar, but almost none of those guitar pedals 😬

Selling some guitar pedals. These were all used on Kestrels records and/or tours. The Rocket used to belong to @jjjschroeder from The Smashing Pumpkins (bought it from their guitar tech). Prices are in Canadian $ and include shipping in North America. Roger Mayer Mongoose - SOLD Devi Ever Rocket - SOLD Penny Pedals Fingerprint - SOLD Guitar Tone Company Bloody Finger - $225
DM if interested. BIG SOUNDS AWAIT

#tbt hanging with @jmascis. He’s holding a pedal made out of a taillight. Got to play a bunch of his guitars 🙌🙌🙌

I use a @masterybridge on almost all of my (many) Jazzmasters. Started using the trem as well and I LOVE IT, like on this 60s body/reissue neck Jazzmaster that my pal @noguitars put together for me a while back. #masterybridge #jazzmaster #offsetguitars

New Del Ray Custom Shop MK1+ Tone Bender 📬 #thefuzzpage thanks to @kindlingband for the tip 🙌

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