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Kestrels  Order/Stream new LP now! 👇

Recording our record in the summer of 2013 (!!!). Dev played all his parts in literally three hours. He's the ace of bass. What song is this?

Hoping to recreate this chaos at our upcoming shows. Details soon

Remembering good times in Charlottetown back in the fall. Need to return to Taco Boyz in the near future @charlottetownhardcore

That well never runs dry, eh @christmas_future?

Nirvana fan, 1997. This was a school trip to Boston (? Maybe Toronto). My friends and I would race off the bus whenever we saw a record store to buy the Nirvana cd singles we so desperately coveted. I don't think that was an authentic KC guitar. Shouts to the Hard Rock Cafe.


Saturday night studio rat

Chad's first rock gig circa 1997. Pretty sure the set was entirely Nirvana covers. The guitar is an Ibanez Strat copy that rules. Not pictured: Peavey bass amp and a guy playing the spoons on stage left.

Hey y'all, our song "Are You Alone?" has just been added by @cbcradio3. Please tell them how much you like it. Alex from @ringodeathstarrofficial sang incredible harmonies and her bandmate Elliott added some true rock guitar (that's him in the chorus and the Sonic Youth style freak out in the breakdown). Definitely in my top songs on the record.

in completely unexpected news

Shows and songs to be announced soon

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