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aoife.  “i embrace the imperfections and celebrate them” ♡ most queens wear crowns but mine wears glitter 🌸🥂




it actually ended a year and one DAY later, but i couldn’t fit that all 💓 the tour actually ended pretty recently, and i really just want to say that it was such an amazing tour and the first kesha concert i ever went to (during 2013-2015 she didn’t come to my area) and i was so so SO happy. the two concerts i went to were the best i’ve ever been to, and knowing that kesha literally looked, pointed, and told me that she loved me and my cat ears made me burst out in SOOO many tears 🎆 i love kesha so so much, and i can’t wait for the rainbow tour !! when the dates are announced catch me buying all the tickets in my area lmao 🎨👾 -
qotd; if you could see anybody live, who would you choose? probably kesha, ariana g or selena g ♥️

this tour, and especially the intro, was so iconic !! i miss it so much 💓
qotd; what’s your name?
i wanna meet more people and i’m terrible with remembering names but i can try lol 💐

i finally found a theme that i’m happy with, though i most definitely have others in store! i used to do fake facts back in 2015 on my past account and kesha actually reposted the first one! i think i passed the anniversary for it, so happy second anniversary to when kesha first noticed me 🦋 (i hope i don’t sound like i’m bragging, i’m just so grateful and thankful for kesha taking time to notice her fans so much! many artists don’t do this, and it means so so much 💙) anyway, I hope people like this theme, i’ll try to post some good facts 🌊✨
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she’s such an angel, i’m so proud to be an animal! i’ll never leave this beautiful fandom, she deserves the entire world 🌈

we stan an actual princess! 💃🏼

in my dreams, you say you’ll never leave 💐

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