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♡ K E S E W A A ♡  💘🌞🐝🌼🌈🌟💚🌱 “Mariah Carey invented music” Peracha, Noor - 2018 | much more interesting online, in real life I don’t leave my room👵🏾

As always it is great catching up with friends after a long time and it’s like nothing has changed. What else hadn’t changed was security still having to give me water after 2 drinks lol😭

Feelings of missing summer come in huge waves💗

The lighting was so good it blocked out the everlasting patch of spots I have on my chin and the dodgy eye that always flares up😀

Miss (you)r camera🤴🏼

☀️💛🌻 made it to 22, thankful for the love and blessings 💫⚡️✨

Ruined his photo shoot and ate his cake🤣🤣 @3dom22

Enjoying the last couple of days of an incredible summer before the 9-5 life begins!! I have laughed, cried, eaten, and have met amazing people💗 who wants to come to South America in 2020? 👽

An amazing and spontaneous day in beautiful Thailand to say goodbye to my best friends before they move to Oz! I have fallen in love with this place and it’s culture, so sad I have to leave, good luck @jam_sharifff and @katie_holland_ ❤️ Dunno who’s gunna cringe me out consistently anymore/who I’m guna annoy! will genuinely miss you, and that’s the nicest thing you’ll ever hear from me x

Have you ever seen a pose this awkward ?😬, so much holiday spam... sorry lols🐬🐠 #thatmessyhairtho

Rainy season 💦

Philli🇵🇭♥️ ( ft Frederick Douglass)


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