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Kershaw  OFFICIAL | Knives you’re proud to own, carry, and use. #ReadyForEverything

#TestimonialTuesday - “I work at a mining operation that blasts and produces limestone. About 4 months ago, I lost this knife at work. The knife sat in the mud, was under 20 plus feet of water for a week, blasted with the rock floor, dug up with an excavator, loaded into a haul truck and dumped into a stock pile where tons of stone was piled on it. It went through a crusher made to break huge rocks and was picked up by an electromagnet that is meant to remove metal contamination from our product. We found it on that magnet, opened it up and to my surprise, it was still sturdy and true as the day I bought it. With a little TLC, it will be an EDC again!” - Cody H. from Ohio

#KershawDividend #KershawOriginal #MadeinUSA #ReadyForEverything

With the keychain-ready Copper Cinder, you’ll never accidentally leave the house without a knife again!

#KershawCinder #CopperCinder #ReadyForEverything

#ActionFigureFriday - With the Queen having the element of surprise, the Launch 9 (left) and Launch 10 (right) won’t be the deciding factor in this Alien vs Predator.

#KershawLaunch9 #KershawLaunch10 #KershawOriginal #MadeinUSA #alienvspredator

Another batch of the Launch 8 is en route to dealer shelves this week. Make sure you get your pre-order in before they’re gone!

#KershawLaunch8 #ReadyForEverything #MadeInUSA

The Kershaw Antic, it’s a small dose of attitude mixed with a lot of utility! Now you’re Ready For Everything.
• Karambit-Style Grip ✔️
• Pry Bar ✔️
• Flat Head Screwdriver ✔️
• Bottle Opener ✔️
• 1.75 Inch Blade ✔️

#KershawAntic #KershawOriginal

The slim, sleek, and value packed Misdirect is en route to dealers!

#KershawMisdirect #ReadyForEverything #KershawOriginal

The Boilermaker! A Les George design inspired by metalwork craftsmanship features a SpeedSafe assisted 3.3-inch cutting edge, deep carry pocketclip, and unique brown PVD and stonewash finish. #NowAvailable

#KershawBoilermaker #ReadyForEverything

#ActionFigureFriday - Tyrion and the Launch 10 are ready for the “Game” to begin!

#KershawLaunch10 #KershawOriginal #MadeinUSA #TyrionLannister #GameofThrones

The XCOM, inspired by a classic WWII trench knife, will have you Ready For Everything! #ComingSoon

#KershawXCOM #LesGeorgeDesign #ReadyForEverything

#TestimonialTuesday - “I keep one [Camp 18] on my ATV for clearing brush and fallen trees and it has never let me down. I've owned dozens of other machetes and this one is by far the best. The blade is long enough to reach out and get far away limbs and thick enough to take a beating. I've also used it several times when camping to chop small logs into kindling. It's just a good overall machete and I would recommend it to anyone.” - Marcus B.

#KershawCamp18 #ReadyForEverything #KershawOriginal

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