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Always love visiting @emporiumgym 💯 ... tomorrow is mine & phoebes posing seminar so we thought we’d get down the night before for a leg sesh 👊🔥 anyone fancy a trip a last min to @emporiumgym tomorrow for our posing seminar drop us a message 💃

The face on the right says..... REEEFEEEED 🎉😂 not much change in weight this week, had a 1lb drop, so let’s see if a refeed does its normal & gives me another little drop (109.6lb - we think I’ll be around 105/6lb).. genuinely feeling really good however, like really really good - in my mind & with my physique, 3 weeks 2 Days 🇬🇧 (I keep doing this annoying thing atm where I put my right hand to low & elbow back on my rear pose, STUPID, but I’ve noticed it 🙏 & will be working on it ☝🏼)

Would you believe me if I told you 2 weeks ago I wanted to quit, I had to force my self to ride it out, follow the plan & push hard whilst trying not to stress & realise that things will start to change I just needed to remember we had time.. I was struggling to see changes for a lot of this prep probably due to the amount I did last year & life stresses 🤷‍♀️, but I kept & will keep trusting my coach @team_lrf he’s been amazing this is our first prep together & we’ve worked together really well, he diddnt give up with me he tried other methods & here we are, now 3.5weeks out feeling happy, positive, shredded & strong.. so let’s keep pushing 🔪🔥 for anyone who is feeling like I did. Don’t quit keep pushing ❤️ #knowyourownability

feeling the shredz in the pm is always a good sign 🔪🌚 no escaping that tired looking face anymore though 💀💁‍♀️😂 3.5 weeks 🇬🇧

Those early morning check ins with @team_lrf feeling in a really good place at 3.5 weeks out from @pca_official @bodypowerexpo, the push is onnn 💯 food went ⬇️ & cardio went ⬆️ this week & it’s made such a huge difference, I’m really excited about the next few low days, my energy hasn’t been as low as I expected (yet 👀) & both training & cardio have been decent & I haven’t missed the food to much, I’m even doing better at my actual job exceeding my daily targets & managing online clients & posing clients better than I thought I would, so I’m proud of that.. goals away from competing I.e my career, are just as important as bringing my best!! last year around this point I found work hard & stopped trying tbf 🤷‍♀️ this year has been completely different 🎉 ,.. it can be hard, BUT if I keep focusing on the way I know my physique will change it is actually enjoyable & keeps you positively pushing forward ✅🙌

Literally can’t wait for bodypower who else is counting down the days - cannot wait to see all my friends & meet lots of new faces along with all of you I speak to across Instagram - who’s coming?!!! 💃💃💃 #Repost @muscleandfitnessher
Can’t wait to have @kerrysexton_pcapro celebrating the launch of #muscleandfitnesshersuk with us!!💅🏼

Just prancing around in the woods in some big pants holding a smoke grenade.. as you do 💃 haha happy Tuesday guys, my motivation levels are at a high again today, my sleeps getting worse as we get deeper into prep, but it’s given me more time to do the things I need to get done I suppose 🤷‍♀️😂.. so all in all I’m feeling quite motivated.. if you lost your motivation, or started the week with lack of it, it’s never to late to find it again, you haven’t ruined the week, today’s your day, go get it ☺️ - @benmarkphoto

4 weeks out 🇬🇧 & 10 weeks out 🇿🇦 - travelling the world again doing what I love 🌍 seeing this post has increased my motivation levels 100000x after this mornings “hammer drop” absolutely buzzzzed! 🙏❤️ #Repost @pca_sa ・・・
Battle of the Titans VI-Let the Games Begin® is Proud to welcome UK sensation PCA PRO Kerry Sexton.
Official meet and greet, signing autographs, photo’s will be on Friday & Saturday at the show.

Still over here trying to lift that heavy stuff.. 140kg for 8 x 2 sets.. proper decent session today, just before the end I saw my new plan & cardio for the next couple of days & actually cried (blaming it on the hard workout 🤷‍♀️😂) .. soon got over it & am getting it done as we speak... realise that your emotions may be a little up & down on prep guys (Slightly, LOL) I’m now absolutely fine & cracking on as per hahaha.. it’s okay to be emotional just as long as you suck it up, don’t quit & grind like a mother f**kerrrrr ..ask your self, do you want the results & remember we are actually blessed to be able to push our body out of choice this much, some people can’t! @team_lrf @pca_official @xploape vest ☝🏼😍

Training killed, “things to do list” complete ✅.. & now a day of pure chilllzzzz, I’m the kind of person that’s either always doing something or has a huge list of things to do.. I feel like my mind can finally relax today - such a nice feeling & a great way to end a good week & a perfect start to the next.. who else is straight chilling today 🙌👌🏻

Happy birthday @phoebehagan_ ❤️ so blessed to have you in my life, couldn’t ask for a better friend, every high every low you’ve been there. Enjoy your day girl you deserve it ❤️

4 weeks out tomorrow ❌

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