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KERRY SEXTON PCA BRITISH CHAMP  Online Coach🍴👙 MNU STUDENT🥗 PCA UK, SA, CHINA PRO BIKINI CHAMP🏆 @m.vdesigns @protan_official KERRY15 @officialcnp CNPKERRY30 @gluteywear KERRYGW

Sometimes we just have to... Suck it up, F s**t up & leave again - rest day cardio ✅💃 i didn’t quite feel like it today ngl, I feel abit under the weather & like my body is trying to decide if it wants to be ill or not 🤔🤷‍♀️.. I’m not that bad though & know when to push & when not to, no way did I need to sack it off, It was only a little 40min on the stepper so it’s really not the end of the world 🙌 .. 5 weeks out 😈🔥another box ticked and now we rest - @philsexton55 please go run me a bath 💆‍♀️🤣😝

@gluteywear kerrygw
@officialcnp CNPKERRY30

YOU are YOU.. and that is YOUR power. 🇨🇳💪🌍 #throwbackFRIDAY .. because I’m a rule breaker 🤷‍♀️💃

Delts done in 30 mins 🤢 today’s lesson issss lifting heavy with minimal rest is different 😂💀 - check my story to watch me absolutely “fail” (learn) on my final exercise of todays session with my normal 30kg on inc bench aiming for 6-8reps

sometimes a set is achievable even right after you don’t make it the first time around - remain calm, take some deep breaths, get your self back in your zone try again, believe you can, grab a spot to help with confidence, if it’s something you know you have done before.. don’t just walk away from it wait a little longer & you’ll get it again & if you don’t, don’t stress your self, consider the variables & get it next time - this sport is all about consistency, trying & learning 👊

Cannot waaaaaaaait to shoot again, have a fair few shoots coming up with @photoartsbyjay @grphotography @jody_wright1 & @marc.aspland around worlds.. & I fully recommend these guys to ➡️ @mythic_frames_photo @oskarboralphotography @showshoots & @benmarkphoto all of these guys are absolute class in there own unique way behind the camera - highly recommend any of them if your looking for photographers.. definitely worth seeing if they’re local to you or even still they’re worth the travel! 🙌🙌👊📷❤️ this shot is straight off the camera from @photoartsbyjay ☺️

most recent check in on my story 👊

Those are the reps that I am scared of, you can hear me, I even stop & question my self, i do this all the time, I could have stopped but at that point I tell my self this is where I need to push that little bit harder, so i always try. these reps are exciting, they are growth, both mentally & it will show physically over time to, use your “failures” as inspiration, “failure” is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. those final reps are the reps that take you to deep places, those are the reps where I’m telling my self I fucking want this

“I could have had that” was my initial thought.. now my thought is, I will get that, because that “failure” has inspired me to progress & get it

mind set is everything, you are stronger than you think - you just need to force your self without the fear of “failure” / growth - so let’s push our selfs today in all areas that we thought we couldn’t. 🙌❤️ @gluteywear KERRYGW

Left - 1 week out, middle - a few years ago, right - a few weeks back.. Want something? Don’t wish for it.. Work for it! I’ve done this with just under 3 years of hard work & 14 bikini shows alongside that from June 2016 - I started learning about & training glutes in October 2016 after seeing other bikini girls do the same (back then I was kind of clueless about training in general) I’ve had a few calorific surpluses. the main thing that has NEVER changed no matter how much I’m eating or feeling is my consistency through hard work in the gym & the want, motivation & determination to work on increasing strength mainly.. my favourite glute focused exercises have to be, hip thrusts, reverse hack squats, wide leg press, sumo dead’s & the abductor machine - I focus on lifting heavy with the main compound lifts of my session, but I still utilise higher reps, pauses, negatives, supersets etc, always squeezing the target muscle & making sure I feel it no matter what I’m doing.. we all start somewhere I never thought I’d become proud of the glutes I’ve built, I never thought I could change the way it looked as much as I have either!

I don’t think I could have smiled harder if I tried 😊🇿🇦❤️ ....6 weeks until the next 💭🌍💫 #myfavouriteplace

Yesterday’s more mentally challenging day where I found my self continuously reminding my self of the end goal as you may have seen on my story - ended strong & with the boxes ticked off with a work rate of 💯✅ I’ve woken up feeling really good in my self & there are obvious differences to me in my physique, which only motivates me want to push more 😈 I’m embracing every moment of this prep, letting the harder days push me to go harder.. & I’m definitely seeing the results as I should, once the results start coming the momentum picks up even more & the next thing you know it’s show day.. a few things to ask/remind your self of today - do you want to make it to show day knowing you didn’t give it your all? HELL NO. KEEP ticking boxes, KEEP pushing hard.. KEEP reminding your self of those end goals.. & KEEP reminding your self that hard times always bring good times, KEEP reminding your self someone out there is working harder & wants it more than you do & you can’t cheat the grind it’ll show.. & YOU WILL STEP ON STAGE KNOWING YOU GAVE IT YOUR ALL, YOU GAVE IT YOUR BEST & YOU CAN FEEL PROUD NO MATTER THE RESULTS.. KEEP reminding your self WHO YOU ARE 😈💯✅🙌

Grab your self a friend like @oliviareal who spends her evening getting you through your cardio & catching your best angles 😍😝❤️ ..#flexfriday feelsssss - who else is ending the week strong 💪 - go check out @officialcnps instagram story from this mornings check in with @team_lrf at 6 weeks 2 days out from @pca_official worlds 🌍... ohhh & @gluteywear have 25% off this weekend so go treat your self 😝 KERRYGW 🍑🙌💪

14.05.17 ➡️ 15.05.18 .. visible muscle development is cool to look at.. but the muscle that I feel has developed the most & is the most important is my heart muscle, it feels stronger than its ever felt, it has a fierce passion driving it to beat stronger everyday now.. for it’s found something it loves & that is bodybuilding & everything that comes with it. to be able to grow we must love what we do, it must make us HAPPY.. through the love I’ve developed & the strength I’ve gained personally for through this sport, it has made me want to share even more with you guys, to help you guys keep loving it to & to realise no dream is to big.. & loving what you do doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy.. nothing ever is, but with a community & more support it’s easier & if you love something that much, you’ll learn to develop through these times & find they make you stronger so don’t give up. I’m SOO excited to announce my next adventure with you guys VERY soon.... I wouldn’t be doing any of it without the love I have for this sport the friends I’ve made & you guys .. so I feel truly thankful for bodybuilding & i honestly can’t wait to interact, help, motivate inspire & have fun with you guys who love the sport just as much as I do so we can all progress together. Keep your eyes peeled ... 🙌❤️

Midweek check in 109.8lbs (Monday was 108lbs) - coaches feedback was all good ✅ my weight always fluctuates midweek, it’s generally normal for me & im used to that by now so is @team_lrf but I’m still smiling & still ticking boxes.. it’s completely normal for our bodies to fluctuate .. stress, sleep, body parts you’ve trained, times you’ve eaten, how much you’ve gone to the toilet, pms - we may also just need to tweak our plan - but as long as your following plan, trust it - only worry if your coach does! 🤷‍♀️.. when dieting you will rarely see consistent weight drops week in week out.. expect things to stay the same, increase & decrease - take your photos before you weigh your self, look for the positives.. it really helps because sometimes you feel super happy with what you see & you learn to realise that the scales doesn’t tell the full story & your better than the number it’s showing that day & the increase could be down to the many variables .. SWIPE for more info on how to “deal” with checkins - let me know how you feel to with regards to check ins ✅

Legss 💀🤯🙆‍♀️✅

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