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#tbt ck jeans. So many ⚡️ imagines from this which never saw the light of day. #ckjeans

Well said ⚡️🖤 Redirecting the Gaze #Repost @asiakatedillon
@ifpfilm : The recent Scarlett Johannsson casting debacle unearthed a constant issue regarding representation of queer/non-gender conforming presences on screen. What do you say to people who come at the argument from the point of view that any actor should be able to play any part, or that any writer/director should be able to tell any story?

AKD: When it comes to casting, it’s about broadening and exhausting your search. If you are a white-bodied cis person, queer or not, and you’ve got a script attempting to tell the story of a trans woman of color, and her journey towards becoming a doctor, you must exhaust your search to find a trans woman of color talented enough to play the role. Most likely, you’ll find one. And, if you’ve exhausted your search and you can’t find a trans woman of color talented enough to play the role then you better find one to help consult on the project, write the project, produce the project, direct the project and that woman, those women, need to give you permission to cast a cis actor, if that person is the best actor for the role, to play that role because they see that you have exhausted your search. Otherwise, by not including the voices of those whose story you are attempting to tell, you are just an outsider guessing at a life experience and, then what you are doing is actually playing with people’s lives by rendering their real lives and experiences fictional and invisible. Art has a greater responsibility than that. It has the responsibility to teach us how to connect with one another through our shared humanity. When art continues to ignore an entire population of people by effectively rendering them invisible it is not doing it’s job. #kerryhallihan #akdaf #asiakatedillon

Congratulations on your show win Badass ⚔️⚡️ @geechrist @maisie_williams 🗡🗡 #gameofthrones #gwendolinechristie @gwendolineuniverse #maisiewilliams #slay

Brooks making birthday presents ⚡️💙❌

Fall is in the air ❤️ ➕ @afvandevorst #afvandevorst

My dreams have always been crazy! #JustDoIt 💪⚡️ @nike When advertising is more inspiring than editorial #truth

Hey Blue Doors ⚡️✨

Getting the uniform ready

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