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Swept away: a sea monster love story 🦑#yearofmaking

Edit: I feel like I should tell you all that I'm actually pretty scared of sea creatures. Sometimes I have to get out of the sea when I'm swimming because I'm thinking about giant squid.

Painting complete! Now I just have to put the room back together 😳#yearofmaking

I ran out of paint. But I definitely think painting around your furniture has a future as a new design trend. Now it's time for beer!

Had tons of fun at the Star Wars exhibit at DAM yesterday too!

Today's made thing: the return of radiant orchid #yearofmaking

Looooooops #yearofmaking

Sea monsters really don't get enough play in modern cinema. I've been tired and uninspired all week, so here's a tentacle and some pattern. #yearofmaking #bringbackseamonsters #seamonster

My Valentine 😍

Added some hearts for Valentine's Day #yearofmaking

All done! #yearofmaking

Capital idea, old boy! 😂 #yearofmaking

Spending some time contemplating negative space #yearofmaking