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Kerry Abdow  I make pure, nourishing, natural skincare by hand in small batches and by special order.

This morning I found my cock hat, my Walgreen's gloves and the scarf it took me - literally - three years to knit. I guess now winter is officially allowed to begin. #rockoutwithmycockout #attentionspanissues #knittingfordummies #ihateunpackingandorganizing #myspinsterlife

When you realize that maybe "investing" in the Reynolds Wrap is worth it. On the other hand, that is kind of the beginning of an awesome swan... #savethepennies #leftovers #myspinsterfoillife #reynoldswrap

I'm having "a day". And the cats won't leave me alone. They just know. So weird. And so needed. β€οΈπŸ’”πŸ’” #petlove #imissboo #depression #myspinsterlife

Buh bye, hangover. Fish bits and fries, I love you! And mayo and ketchup... ❀️ #myspinsterlfe

My first night out with a friend in Carbondale. This is considered a dive bar. Huh? Also, that's my gorgeous and talented roomie. So fun! #myspinsterlfe

When I was in college, one of my favorite activities with my gal pals was to walk at night in the cold. We'd put on our Mentholatum lip balm, smoke menthol cigarettes and drink peppermint schnapps. To us, it was very refreshing. Yeah. We were "cool". Literally, lol. This morning, I put on a dose of my creamy dreamy Lip Tingle peppermint balm and walked to work in the freezing cold. It totally brought back that college memory! Sadly, I wasn't smoking or drinking at 745 am, but my lips were jingle bell rockin'... πŸ˜‚ $4/each, but $3 for YOU til Xmas. Kissmas? Yes. Just message me for scoop. Sending you all a tingly smooch on this chilly Wednesday morning! πŸ˜™πŸ’‹ #inyourface #knockoutskincare #pure #natural #simple #fresh #merrykissmas #lipcare #myspinsterlife

When you make lip balm with a six-year-old and she designs the label... 😍😍😍 #auntkerry #myspinsterlife #inyourface #knockoutskincare #lipcare

I don't know what you're doing on this cold Monday night, but I'm doing The Macarena... #auntkerry #myspinsterlife

Building the stocking stuffer collection today! Cute little face and body snacks and more to come. Pictured from left to right: face wash, balancing toner, eye oil, face serum, rose-lavender glow, hair oil and body balm. Still infusing the hops for beerd oil, beerd wash and a bunch of lip balms are on the way. All between $5 and $7. And, for the record, that rich, luscious body balm got an "oh my god" from me when I tried it. And maybe a "holy shit", too. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ‘Š #inyourface #knockoutskincare #madetoorder #pure #natural #smallbatch #handcrafted #smallbatch #skincare #bodycare #facialcare #treatyoself #holiday #gifts #stockingstuffers #secretsanta

How My Brain Works, Part 99,843: The other night I was in the kitchen with my roomie pal and we heard screaming in our cutie pie blonde 21-year-old roommate's room. Shortly after, she and her equally cutie pie blonde friend came roaring into the kitchen and told us they heard a knock on her window. She then proceeded to tell us that there used to be a peeper in the 'hood who would knock to announce his presence. Eeewwwwww! So I decide to run outside and check footprints in the snow. This is what I saw. They looked like the prints of a toddler. Tiny little footprints. Yup. So what do I think? I decided that creeper made a base for his shoes and attached baby shoes to the bottom. Seriously, that's what I thought. My other - much less insane - roommate and her boyfriend told me it was likely a deer. I think my story is better, but hers makes waaaaaaay more sense. Gah. I hope no creepy person reads this and gets ideas... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© #myspinsterlife #myinsanelife

Also testing a new body balm that has coconut oil, shea butter and ye ol' rose-calendula-lavender-infused avocado oil. It'll sit in the fridge to set while I'm at work today. Will update. #inyourface #knockoutskincare #naturalbodycare #pure #simple #natural #handcrafted #madetoorder #smallbatch #fresh

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