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What. A. Night. SO... I get on the bus to go to Glenwood to see my roommates play at an event. On said bus, girl in front of me starts puking. We stop to pick up about 20 Amish people and I find out they love to "summer" in the valley. Who knew? I start gabbing with the bus driver about how to get a shuttle to this Caverns place and he ends up driving me there in his car because he had a half hour until he had to get the bus going again. How sweet is that??!! Joe rules. Then I take my very first gondola ride to the venue - so cool! - say hi to my friends, meet one of their friends who also lives in Carbondale and he offers to drive me home. He is there with his blind friend. They are both super fun and fascinating. We leave and go for custard. I get cheese curds, which neither had ever experienced. I feel superior for three seconds. Carbondale guy - Cary - and I drop off Nick at his house in Glenwood and end up having a cocktail and talking til 1. I'm so tired. But guess what?? He's friends with Suzy Chaffee! Only old people will know who she is... Suzy Chapstick! I am sooooo hoping I can meet her and get a pic with her using one of my lip balms! Wouldn't that be so cool??!! 🤞🤞🤞 K. Night night. xo - k. #myspinsterlife

My roommates are so cool!

I'm on a bus. On a Saturday night. To see my roommates' show in Glenwood. Huh?? #mycarbondalelife #mycommuterlife #myspinsterlife

I love how cute they look on the sink... ❤️☀️ I thank my own products for a pretty clean face slate... #notalottawrinkles #inyourface #inyourfaceskincare #naturalfacialcare #naturalskincare #purefacialcare #smallbatch #handcrafted #fresh #simple #pure #natural #myspinsterlife

Today has started out great. I slept in - til almost 5! Oy. 😕 - and went out for my walk 730ish. The first pic is of a little kid's toy truck across the street. Adorable. I walked toward downtown, almost ran into some creepy creature - pic in last post - and then decided I didn't want to pay $5 for a cup of coffee so headed to 7-11. I walked past a man who was wearing white jeans and a very pale yellow sweater. He was looking at me from across the street, so I took out my earbuds and said "You look like an angel, am I dead?" He laughed and said no. I replied "Damn." I mean... how great would it be to be dead and walking down a sidewalk in the mountains on a sunny morning? A block later I saw my old pal - of course she was on her way to go mountain biking, cuz, Carbondale - then I went to 7-11. Got a giant lukewarm coffee - I seriously love when it's not hot - and the clerk wouldn't let me pay! Whaaaaaaaaat?? ❤️ Between him and the moustachioed angel, I am still thanking heaven for 7-11! I kept walking and ended up in another new neighborhood... apparently where very rich people live. Sooooooo many huge and beautiful homes! I think I gasped twenty times. For real. I happened upon an "Adult Meditation" park that is on private property, but for the public. Huh? Anyway... I walked the labyrinth, sat on a swing, cried when I saw the doggy grave, and then went grocery shopping. As one does. The very last pic is not great because I had to zoom in, but... Holy. Shit. Huge house. If I hadn't already been walking for two hours and wanting a few noshies, I would have checked it out. Next time. Maybe tomorrow! #myspinsterlife #imissboo #thankheavenforseveneleven

What. Thefuck. Is. This. #morningwalk #carbondale #myspinsterlife

I came to a pizza place to get a Caesar salad, cuz I'm a nerd. They were super busy - not at this moment - so I ordered a glass of wine while I waited. Duh. I loved the order taker babe because she laughed at my joke - "May I have a Rioja? Oh, we're out of Rioja, but we have Tempranillo. I'll have that, it will match my bad Temper-a-nillo." I know, I'm a dork. Also, I took my wine and joined a couple who were enjoying a couple slices and, as it turns out, they know my - clearly celebrity - roomies. Wtf. I feel like I landed in the MOST PERFECT COMMUNITY! #ilovecarbondale #myspinsterlife #justanotherboringfriday

It's baaaack! Comfrey healing salve in a convenient lip balm stick container for portability, but I will also offer in 5ml and 1 ounce glass jars. Just three ingredients - powerhouse comfrey-infused avocado oil, beeswax and lavender essential oil. I'm using it as lip balm right now because I can't breathe through my nose when I sleep - which is not at all awesome - and it healed my chappies in less than a day. Totally true, totally wow! AND totally nut free! Part of my 25% off September sale, too... Live link in my bio -
It's time, y'all. #timeforhealing #inyourface #inyourfacestore #knockoutskincare #smallbatch #handcrafted #pure #simple #fresh #healingsalve #comfrey #nutfree #avocadooil

The new Face Balm is officially on the block! I love the new golden color - thank you, calendula - and it feels like a dream. Seriously. Rose-hibiscus-calendula-infused avocado oil, shea butter, rosehip seed oil, vitamin e and frankincense essential oil pack a soft and luscious punch! #knockoutskincare 👊🙌🤗Comes in a fat and happy one ounce jar and travel-size 5ml jar or stick. AND included in my 25% off sale! On the Etsy or, as always, directly through me via message... Whatcha waitin' fo'?! Simple. Pure. Delicious. Live link in my bio - or cut and paste? Maybe? 🐰 #happyface #feedyourface #facefood #inyourface #inyourfaceskincare #smallbatch #handcrafted #simple #pure #nourishing #natural #fresh #naturalfacialcare #natural #facialcare #doterra #essentialoils

Ya wanna have fucked up dreams? Fall asleep listening to this podcast. Whoa. #myspinsterlife #mynightmarelife #whoneedssleepanyway

First of all... I only drink beer when I'm here at my fave neighborhood restaurant. And when my fave waiter friend poured it for me, it smelled so good! I forget how good beer smells. And it's just Stella... But 👌 And the crunchy wonton strips will never be lost on me... ❤️ #mytakeoutlife #myspinsterlife #mytakeoutchineselife # #stellaartois

This was my view from when Robbie McRobinson - aka The Peeing Bandit - was purring on my chest. ❤️ I mean... So cute. But I've been pulling fluff out of my eyes for hours and went through probably a half of a lint roller... Cats. Harumph. But... 🐰 #mycatladylife #myspinsterlife

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