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kerrlyfries  🎀infj//spoonie\\wife//nerd\\undercover unicorn🎀 embarrassing myself daily since 1988. 🤷🏻‍♀️ D.R.E.A.M. (dogs rule everything around me). 🐶

getting #stellabdog snaps are my fav. 😂😭❤️ @aquietfire #yesisavepicturesofmyfriendsdogs #creepyauntie


g--i should have written this post before this morning so i had time to figure out how to express how much you mean to me. but i didn't, so now you're going to get a rambly Feels™ post. sorry. 😂

i can't think of anything now that isn't too cheesy for public consumption so i'll just say this--thank you. thank you for your beautiful words that always seem to echo my own thoughts. thank you for listening and making me feel seen and heard during some of my lowest moments. thank you for laughing with me over stupid jokes and celebrity gossip. thank you for buying vegan coffee creamer for my fussy ass. i know coffee creamer doesn't seem like much but it speaks to one of my favorite things about you--the fact that, despite your own situation, you still did/do everything you can to make everyone around you feel loved and happy. if i had to pick a word to describe you, it would be "warm". you radiate warmth in the best way, like a cozy winter fire. i love you. happy birthday. ❤️ i guess the cheese was unavoidable. 😂❤️

if anyone needs me, i'll be in @iamchanelle + @shinyuu's new living room. RelaxingAsFuck™

sorry i've been so quiet. its not like i actively dislike myself, but sometimes i just don't feel like i have anything to say worth saying--not feeling pretty enough for selfies or funny enough for jokes or inspiring enough for motivation or smart enough for profound thoughts or disabled enough for spoonie stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️ so here's another recycled selfie 😂. sorry i'm lame rn. thanks for sticking around. love you guys. ❤️

me @ life rn


my beautiful veg poké bowl from @pokewaveaz, thanks to @ubereats! happy birthday, eats! you're a cancer, like me! 😉🦀 #eatsphxbday

i look and feel like a dumpster fire rn so here's a pic from two weeks ago

forgot to post this other meme yesterday that i've been saving for my birthday. 😂

here's a fun fact...*technically* today is the 6 year anniversary of our first date. ben and i had "hung out" for a few weeks prior but our first real date was my 22nd birthday. i'm so grateful to have spent the last 7 birthdays with you, babe. (photo by the amazing @iamchanellephoto)

when you ask your friend @seearae to make a vegan version of momofuku's "birthday cake" and she exceeds all your expectations. thank you love ❤️ you are a magical kitchen wizard from heaven 😍

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