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Kerri Walsh Jennings 🦁🦋  I AM LOVE ❤️ believer ✨wife ✨ mother ✨blessed ✨grateful ✨ seeker ✨#p1440✨ creator ✨

Sound on 📣

It’s a sure sign that I pulled a 🦴 head move when I apologize to my partner DURING the rally 🙃🥺😔 Sorry @brookesweat .... I’ll figure it out ONE of these days 🤗
Fun practice today with @estock2 & @kelleylarsen 🙌🇺🇸🙌 Always fun with our amazing coaches @arthurjfc @marcosmiranda1961 @jdubbeach // @eviematthews11 too! Thank you all 🙏 @platform1440 #homecourt @hermosalocal @lululemon @kttape @mikasasportsusa

A little story about MY loving man 💕 We started dating in 2001 when we were puppies. I was 22, Casey was 25 and we were deeply into each other & in love from the very start 💕 We were both new to the profession of beach volleyball, we were quite broke, we were chasing our dreams and we were so da💘n happy.
The very first birthday I had as Casey’s girl was a pretty special one; It woke me up to the sweet and thoughtful soul with whom I had fallen in love. I came home from a trip to Europe and we were celebrating belatedly. I heard a knock at my door and I open it to find Casey, in a suit, holding a birthday cake. We had no special plans that night & so I asked him why he was so dressed up ... he said, “It’s for you.” 😭🥰 He melted my heart with his simple, thoughtful love // to me, it was profound (still is ♥️). Fast forward 18 years to last night. Casey took Scouty to the Father Daughter Dance & it was THE most precious thing to witness. Casey bought her a corsage, he put on his suit & his dancing shoes, Scouty wore her dress, lip gloss and her Jordan’s .... what a perfect fit. My heart exploded with love. #heavenonearth
My loving man and his golden heart. Our kids have his heart (& plenty other of his characteristics 🦁) and this makes me infinitely happy, grateful & proud.
It’s not up to others to make us happy in life, yet it’s important to surround ourselves by people who bring happiness 🌈 I’ve hit the jackpot x’s a million & I KNOW it 🌈 I ♥️ you @caseytjennings and I love the way you show your LOVE 💗
@dontforgetdads 💘

⏪ Take a scroll to see a glimpse of a gr8 week ⏪

It was a FULL, wonderful week in our household 👊 Standard 👊. It was full of love & delight, heart, hustle and grit. Thank you to @disney & @nicolaparish for getting us to the @dumbo world premier. That lil guy warmed our hearts 🐘🎪 (how cute were my dates?! 😍🥰😍 @caseytjennings 💋) We had great time with our Japanese friends @koichi.nishimura & family. If you’re not peppering with @officialqueenmusic #wearethechampions on blast, you’re doing it wrong 😊👑⚡️ #littlechampions #startemyoung #arigatougozaimasu

My heart was filled right to the brim while in OZ with my sweet, amazing family (@marciamarciamarcia12 ♥️) and with some fun volley. I love my God Babies 💕

@platform1440 continued to grow awareness and its support of our amazing sport with the #livestreaming of @ncaavolleyball collegiate matches & with the streaming of our IntraSquad tournament today down in @surfcityusa So rad! SOOO about time :) Great things are happening all around ✨ I’m feeling quite grateful for this wonderful week and the opportunities I was given show up in love, in service, in appreciation, in an abundance of good vibes ✨ Cheers to a wonderful weekend for all ♥️ @gettyimages thank you for the family pics 🙏
@roxylook thank you for the beautification & your ♥️
@brookesweat thank you for that sweet set (@richyusa thx for the 🎥)

We always encourage our Babes to be active whether that means soccer, basketball, dance parties or pickle in the back yard :) This proud mama LOVES sitting in the stands, taking a breather from the crazy week, watching my Babes compete & play for the love of the game. Of course, I always have my go-to snacks from my partners @sunsweetgrowersinc, because let’s be honest ... There ain’t no rest for the wicked & the wicked must be fueled properly ;) #Sponsored #ToFeelGood

Click the link in my bio for a great interview with @parademagazine 🙌

Today is your birthday and I ran into this beauty of a notion ✨ and when it comes to you & this amazing life, it’s 💯 TRUE!!!! I LOVE you @missbell11 and I’m sending you my whole heart today & always, as always. Make it a great day and a magical year. I Love you, Kelli Joan 💕

⏪ Scroll away ⏪

The land of OZ 🇦🇺 was a gracious, lovely & inspiring hostess. Great fun, great beauty, and great opportunities to compete against great teams 🇦🇺🇨🇳 🇬🇷 🇨🇿 🇯🇵 🇫🇷 We have much to work on and so much of which to be proud. We most certainly forged a deeper connection as a team this week & we are figuring each other out 😊 WONDERFUL playing @brookesweat 🙌 So fun to grind it out with you. Proud to rep 🇺🇸 as ALWAYS✨
@lululemon @kttape @michelobultra @rokasports THANK YOU. The dream is REAL & your support is fuel 🔥

We take on 🇨🇳 at 12:30 here in OZ. Great moments in the semis v. Australia 🇦🇺 but not enough to get ‘er done. We aim to fix that in the next match. This 📸 is how I envision us ending the tournament. Heads up, smiles on, hugging it out, proudly 🇺🇸 @blentley great photos all week! TY!

Let’s GO @brookesweat 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Let’s finish with a resounding WIN!!!! 🦁

I come from a LONG line of 🔥Breathers & 🐲 Slayers. This is my cousin @taylorformico ... see what I mean 😏

Cheers to the women in my family who’ve paved the way with sincerity, love, faith & courage 🦁 Cheers to the next generations and to the battles they’ll wage with all their hearts. May you set the world on fire in the most beautiful ways. #internationalwomensday #FormicoFire #itsinthegenes

To my brand partners who wholeheartedly support WOMEN doing kick 🍑 things in this world 🌎
@kttape // @lululemon // @michelobultra // @rokasports
Thank you for walking your talk 🙏 You allow me to put everything into my goals 🦁 and I aim to make you proud ✨

to my partners in crime who stand beside me as I create this beautiful life & chase my beautiful dreams ... I THANK YOU with my whole heart.
It’s an amazing time to be a woman going after big things; the opportunities, the support, the interest, the appreciation for what we do & what we bring, have never been higher or more. Let us continue elevate the playing field & to raise the tide for ALL.

To my @platform1440 family .... thank you for giving me & all the women (& young women) of our great sport the platform off of which to thrive, elevate, connect, and become more of ourselves IN such an empowering and inspiring environment.
#entrepreneurship is NO JOKE! Thank you for the gift of my participation and for the blessings of growth and wisdom bearing experience that comes with it.

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.” - W.E.B. Dubois
Love this video by @platform1440 🤩 Our sport is blessed with kick 🍑, determined, passionate, kind, fierce, proudly authentic girls & women ... Happy International Women’s Day ✨🔥👑✨ #togetherwerise

@justintaylor___ your 🎥 work//art is 🔥🤩😍🎯

This about sums up our match from yesterday 🙃
Onward to this brand new beautiful day & new opportunities to compete, grow and carry onward ♥️ @brookesweat

Let the great fun begin ✨💃⚡️🔥🦁! Main draw for the @fivbbeachvolleyball 3 star event here in Sydney starts tomorrow. This is our pool 👊 SUPER EXCITED to get going and to put into use all that we’ve been working on. Let’s GO @brookesweat 🙌 #unwaiveringfaith #indomitablespirit #together

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