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Kerri Walsh Jennings 🦁🦋  I AM LOVE ❤️ believer ✨wife ✨ mother ✨blessed ✨grateful ✨ seeker ✨#4✨

Dear 🌎, Every day I get emails, @linkedin messages, FB/DM outreach regarding @platform1440 ✨ First off, H🔥LL YEAH!
The level of interest & engagement makes me so proud & gives me goose bumps. Thank you for this!

I want to encourage any potential brand partners, subject matter experts, musicians, personalities, athletes, & humans who believe you share alignment + offerings 😊 to go to , hit the “contact us” tab and get after it 🙌 We want to hear from all of you. (Link in bio)
I miss emails and communications every day 😔 and so, this will help ensure that myself or our team at #p1440 will get back to you. ♥️ + 🔥 from me to you today & always. ♥️ K

“Mostly it is loss that teaches us about the worth of things.” Arthur Schopenhauer
The “losses” of the past 2 years have lead me to a deeper & richer understanding of so many things.
I have felt deep pain. I have felt real fear. I have questioned & doubted and I have pursued truth & integrity as I’ve shed layers and layers of baggage, of sadness, of confusion, of appeasement, of complete & total bs & misalignment. I have blundered & learned. I have grown more in touch with myself & my purpose because of these things.
This photo comes after 2 years of what felt like extreme “losses” and yet .... I smile at the profound worth of it all 😊🙏♥️ Thank you Lord, for the fortitude of spirit & for the Angels you’ve sent to love, guide & walk with me. I could not ask for more or better 😇🦁♥️ Thank you for all the amazing times too! Those FAR outweighed the not so good 🙏 #Blessed #heartful #awakening #J5 #yourloveisking #ascend #togetherwerise #onward #1440
(📸 @fivbbeachvolleyball ) @rokasports @lululemon

Some fun snap shots and happenings while @nbranagh & I were in #Xiamen for the @fivbbeachvolleyball 4* event. We finished 9th .... we WILL do better. We actually had a great showing and learned and battled and improved - sometimes the stats don’t show everything ;) It was great fun Re-connecting with friends on tour. It’s hard to be away from the action for many reasons ✨ the people I am blessed to know & spend time with are a big part of that. @beachteamborgerkozuch thanks for the smiles, the sunshine and the inspiration. I so appreciate your outlook on life & competition ✨

@justinjtaylor_ thanks so much for the 📸s and the ♥️💪🔥🙏 You are an awesome addition to the team @platform1440
Thanks to everyone who cheered us on - - ESPECIALLY you all in Holly Glen 😍🤩😍 - - I’m not sure I’ve ever known such 🔥 ;) #marco #polo

I always bring tastes of home with me when I travel; travel to China always has me packing much more than normal. Here’s the list .... in case you’re curious 🤗 (these are some of my go-to snacks at home too!) @wildplanet #wildtuna
@quest vanilla protein packets + bars
@365 trail mix
@artisana raw almond butter
@lairdsuperfood #hydrate & #instafuel (coffee + creamer)
#q’ia superfood oatmeal
@foursigmatic everything 🍄
@organicburst #chlorellabites
@standardprocess supplements @primalkitchen #callogencreamer
#yerbamate @guayaki
#coconutaminos #stevia #cinnamon @bodyhealth #perfectaminos
Next time I’m gonna have my girl @roxylook @blackbeltbeauty take me shopping so I can be even more on point 🎯💪♥️ @carolsolbergemariaelisa what did you girls bring from home 🇧🇷?!
@nbranagh what about you?!?! 🤔 I LOVE knowing how the best in the world attack their nutrition.

THIS IS SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!! @platform1440 just announced the first 4 dates & locations of our inaugural season ⚡️ San Jose 9/28-9/30
Las Vegas 10/19-10/21
San Diego 11/30-12/2
Huntington Beach 12/14-12/16

This is an amazing start & we most certainly look forward to hitting more stops throughout our great country.
We had to move our #Chicago stop due to an expected high lake/water level .... we can’t wait to come there in 2019!

Who’s coming where?! These are all super fun destinations and we promise to make great use of your #1440 ♥️ Register at for the latest & greatest ☀️ Love, from China
♥️ K

Follow @platform1440 for some fun #behindthescenes action & interviews from the @fivbbeachvolleyball 4⭐️ tournament in #XiamenChina @nbranagh & I are PUMPED!!!! @justinjtaylor_ ♥️ the vid! @rokasports I ♥️ my #shades 😎#performancelifestyle @lululemon I ♥️ every little bit of you! 😍🦁🙌

To all the people who might not agree with what we are doing @platform1440 .... that’s okay 😊 Truly. We take to heart all the feedback and it helps us to work harder, smarter & ever more mindfully.
Please see my response to this message I received. I mean every word of my reply. This is a world full of abundance and unlimited opportunity .... IF you choose to see it that way. I REFUSE to operate from a place of LACK; it’s simply NOT the truth & it’s not in my DNA to believe such things.
Our sport is INCREDIBLE!!!!! Our sport is GLOBAL!!!!!! Health + wellness is an #evergreen market. Personal development is #infinite. #Entertainment is for ALL. These are our pillars along with the essential pillar of #competition (pro beach vball at the HIGHEST level). We look forward to hosting the 🌎 at our LIVE festival events & on our technology platform. Your #1440 will be well spent with us. I promise ✨ #p1440 #purpose #passion #pursuit #play #purepositivity ⚡️ (@caseytjennings @kasia_mays @mckennathibodeau @madisonwitt )

P R O G R E S S 🙌 Making space so I can fill it in 💪 The dedication of ALL my trainers is #NEXTLEVEL I want to feel great in my body today AND when I’m 90 👵🏻 @pillar_principles is showing me the way 🚀 (@lululemon @goldengoosedeluxebrand 🦁)

I had one of those “This is what I wished for” mornings ✨ Our sweet Babes woke up so cute & sunny; So did my man 💕I got to have a soulful hang with my girl @roxylook @blackbeltbeauty as she beautified me for an appearance 💋 Family, friends, fresh coffee, music, fresh start ☀️ Now we’re all off to enjoy & create our day ✨
Man oh man! Sometimes .... the struggle is SO real & so ON and then .... #heavenonearth literally.
I hope you have this type of feeling/experience today & always. Happy Friday ♥️🙏🦁 (@silver_screens_and_daydreams 📸) @caseytjennings I love you 💘 #itsawonderfullife #georgebaileyillloveyoutilthedayidie #lassothemoon #mary

I don’t believe that there’s any FINAL DESTINATION in life & yet I hope to continually have the feeling of ARRIVING ✨ with strength, with grace, in faith, with ALL of me

Another 💎 from @brucelee 🎯 As we build out our offerings, source our subject matter experts, communicate with potential brand partners & lay out our richly immersive & dynamic event sites at @platform1440 we are 💯 mindful of The Who//What//Why//HOW we execute each and every single thing. People mindlessly throw things at all of us (you, me, everyone) all day, every day .... our mission at #p1440 is to do better than that - - we strive to intentionally & soulfully share our offerings to the world, to our partners, to our athletes, to our members for the purpose of helping ALL to optimize their lives, their initiatives, their impact. The WHY & THe WAY are SO extremely important .... #noted #purpose #setthetone #givelovegetlove #togetherwerise (📸 @pinterest )

I wouldn’t trade ‘em for the 🌎These 🦁🦁🦁 each possess stunning loyalty, fierce strength and an unmistakable & unconditional love for their LOVES; It’s a special blessing to be one of them ♥️ #WalshesUnite #anythingforyou #ThanksGod #ThanksMomandDad I LOVE you with all I’ve got @swaggeringrascal @missbell11 @bunz11

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