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Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there 😁 I hope everyone was able to spend the day with the important women in their lives! 💜💜

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their friends and loved ones!

Holy bananas those were some brutal conditions. The marathon in January was hot...but the added humidity today...woof ☠️☠️ anyway...I’m glad i was able to run and complete my second Star Wars Challenge 😁

10k this morning was a nice stroll from Magic Kingdom to Epcot. It was humid but there was a nice breeze at times. Hopefully tomorrow’s half won’t be too sticky. Happy Saturday y’all 😁

4.12 miles with speedwork thrown in there. Holy bananas that was hard 😳😳 ended up meeting William at the park to shoot hoops afterwards. Hope everyone had a great 🐪 day!

Well, that wasn’t the best 😕 ever since I went roller skating with the kiddos last week, I’ve had shin and calf tightness while running 😖 sooo 2.27 miles today. Hoping for a better day on Wednesday. Anyhoo! Hope everyone had a great Monday!

3 miles...outside!!! I was so nervous for this run for a few reasons. First, I’ve not run much the last month bc of injury and then a stupid stomachache I just couldn’t seem to shake for two weeks. Luckily, all seems better now...but it’s always hard to come back. Second, I haven’t run outside since the marathon at Disney two months ago 😳winter has been brutal but luckily we seem to have turned the corner towards spring 🥳🥳 16 days till Disney! And added bonus - ran into my Dad and Faloof while running 😁

First run in a hot minute. I had tweaked an old injury when I slipped on some ice a few weeks ago...then was down for the count with a stomach virus last week. Anyhoo...two extremely slow miles on the treadmill this evening. 23 days till I leave for Disney 😍😍😍

It’s been a good birthday over here. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to say happy birthday 🥳🎂

Happy #tbt everyone! This a marathon weekend and Goofy edition! It looks like I won’t be running Star Wars (😕) but I’m excited for Wine and Dine! Happy Thursday 😁

5 miles on the treadmill while this goofball played at kids gym. I watched The Little Mermaid for the first time in yeaaaars during this run (so glad it’s out of the vault!). I had forgotten just how darn good it is. I remember laughing, being scared of Ursula, and the crying at the end when i first saw it in the theatre (b/c let’s face it - who doesn’t cry at a happy ending when they’re in 3rd grade?!). Anyhoo! Happy Saturday y’all!

Well, those 3 miles sucked. Head wasn’t in it. Lungs weren’t into it 🙄 but! The win of tonight was that I really wanted quit around mile 2 but I stuck it through to the end 👻 happy weekend y’all!

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