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Being a pirate in New Hampshire with my oarbabe.

A little Game of Thrones inspired drawing from last night. Greatly enjoying this new season!

A doodle on the back of a repeat prescription paper. Naughty boy!

I hope everyone's had a nice day. Here's a drawing from today. Sleep well!

A quick one from this morning. Have a lovely little day please.

Good morning! I arranged a few of my recent sketches.

More lunchtime drawing.

Trying again to draw some nice facial expressions. Also fancied messing about with colour and editing it on my phone. Exciting technological times!

A cheeky smile drawn on my lunch break. I'd love to get to grips with drawing expressions. Have a great day! ☀️

Late night drawing in bed. Big fan of humans. Definitely in my top 5 apes. 😴

I arrived at work nice and early this morning. Got a bit of fun in before it all started. Here are some humans. Have a nice day!

A little lunchtime colour.

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