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Philip Lim  Love to #eat and #travel. I instagram what I eat & see around me. For my own memories and also to share with you.

After Good Friday service, when everyone queued at Jewel, we are eating at T2 which had no queue when we got here. I think people quickly learned they can eat at other T1,2,3 too when suddenly people start appearing!

The Presbyterians in Singapore Great Meet-up! Once a year, the 17 English Speaking Presbyterian Church gather together to commemorate Good Friday. See you at Singapore Expo Hall 3 at 10:30 AM if you will be going!

Yesterday’s @starbuckssg order by cousin-in-law-in-law was probably the longest. (For the whole clan, this was one of the many bags of order). Wife’s beloved grandmama has reached beyond the ‘stars’ and in a beautiful place, where ‘bucks’ don’t matter anymore.

It's been a long while since we had Brothers Rojak. One of those ugly but delicious and addictive food.

It's been a super long while... I think last time more flavourful?

2 capsules of these are what @kopikosonggirl have every mornjng..... The Nespresso ones and also Nespresso compatible ones.

Rehearsals after rehearsals for the Good Friday service at #SingaporeExpo. Wife prepared a quick meal before we are off for rehearsal. Soft and tender braised meat done in the #Philips Multicooker this morning. Left unopened in the pot until we came back from work. Served with Cili Hijau. Yums! Have a Blessed Holy Week!

So in school today, the little toddle was trying to explain where she went over the weekend. She says her teacher didn't understand the giant fountain, so she drew this (The Rain Vortex at @jewelchangiairport) for her teacher. Oh.... That's how it looks.

So we went HDL-ing again. Apparently Tomato Soup (our kid’s fav!) and the Mala goes very well, subject to your own ratio that your tongue can take. Don’t laugh hor, the “plain water” quadrant is for me to ‘clean’ the Mala off a bit. It’s super helpful for this person who wants to eat Mala but scared at the same time.

Called ‘fish for babies’, it’s so nice and a little costly. Earlier today while doing grocery, the wife saw a very nice and fresh piece. (Threadfin / Ngor Her / Ikan Kurau) Steamed with a little soy sauce makes it so tasty.

I got a text, ‘are you still at Jewel?’ If yes, come I treat you galato, meet at Earle Swensen’s. Who can resist a gelato offer right? This is Swensen’s “Colourful Lotee” with “Nyonya Kaya” gelato that I had. (swipe right) for the takeaway flavours and choose cone, lotee, wafer or cup. For tourist, if you’ve no time to head to Orchard Road, you can come to Jewel. This one has better quality gelato, so it will also cost more lah...

Passed by #BengawanSolo and noticed the lady boss is busy making their famous Kueh Lapis!!! She’s a really hardworking lady! She told us long ago (when I got to tour her central kitchen) that for her lapis she orders a very fragrant Dutch butter to add into her batter in addition to the regular butter they use. I think they still do that! That’s why we are still addicted to their Kueh Lapis aroma and mouth feel.

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