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Philip Lim  Love to #eat and #travel. I instagram what I eat & see around me. For my own memories and also to share with you.

This chicken used to lay chocolate eggs. Since it left the @laurentbernardchocolatier, it stopped laying eggs. I think she got inferiority complex. Or maybe she got scared when someone ‘boo’ her. Hahahhaha.

Dinner is served.

This is my MIL’s AirFryer, hers is M or maybe L. Ours at home is XL. Waiting for sale to get the XXL. The last few sale, the XXL was still full price. Size matters right? #notsponsored hor, I like my name to be on products. 😂😂😂. Wife is teaching her mother how to cook the perfect salmon, the way her granddaughter likes.

So we finally ate the Easter Chocolates. Not before they were touched all over. Hahahahaha. Thanks @boo_licious for the @LaurentBernardChocolatier eggs!

So I finally tried the Mala KFC. Quite addictive tho. No numbing feel but can feel the heat. Not as crazy as the Mala Huo Guo though. More like Xiao Xiao La. Maybe I prep my tongue by eating the coleslaw and whipped potato first, then the chicken.

Every time we come, there are some special. Today’s special is Siu Mai. I usually dine here with the Wife using #Amex because there is 50% off for 2 persons. Earlier today I googled to see which other card gives similar discount for 4 adults. Found out that #HSBC gives 1-for-1 for up to 8 adults. The weird thing is HSBC offer till 30 Apr then restarts a few months later. Summary: 2 person use Amex or HSBC. More than 2 use HSBC.

I reckon this is the most popular item in this buffet at @SwissotelMerchantCourt. People ‘sapu’ all of it in in an instant. I suspect some people eat this as mains coz this was taken when I arrived. My MIL and daughter’s favourite fruit purée.

So another department set up a recruitment booth at our lobby. So we shamelessly asked if the coffee is for everyone? Of course they say yes. 😂😂. Coffee from @nineteen95sg.

The Mrs wanted to have some nicer burger and don’t want to queue (you know where). So she decided to make some instead. Beef Patty, caramelised onions, cheese slice coz easier, brioche buns. Yums. Those StrawMatoes are so pretty and juicy!

For the past don’t know how many years, we have been eating Dim Sum after Easter Sunday service. We are meeting a friend visiting and we decided we shall not do Dim Sum anymore. We want to eat something yummier! 😂. We decided to @FolkloreSG instead! So satisfying and yummy! Beef Cheek Rendang, Peranakan Chap Chye, Sayur Lodeh, Bakwan Kepiting, Ngoh Hiang, Babi Assam, Ikan Assam Surani. We love everything very much, maybe except the slightly dry Ngoh Hiang. The Beef Cheeks, Bakwan Kepiting and Ikan Assam is super super!! We loved our lunch, hope our friend @boo_licious enjoyed it too!

If you like Naan, you probably would also like Guo Kui. Both are flour pastry cooked in a hot earthen vessel! So I’ve been told to try it, try it. So I remembered today as I passed the Jurong East Bus Interchange. So.... How do I order? The daughter and I stood at a side and observed. We figured it out in an instant. The queue facing the cashier is for ordering. You will get a receipt with a call number. They will call your number when your order is ready. Wait 3-4 mins lah. The rest of the people all around standing randomly are not kelefeh, they are waiting for their orders. You exchange your receipt for a bag phil-ed with your goodies. It’s very very hot. Yes, it is indeed very yummy. They have 6 flavours, I texted a fellow ‘Lim’ who told me to try, but didn’t get a reply before it was my turn to order, so I asked the cashier, what will a kid like? Shanghai she said. Afraid it will be devoured before I try it, I ordered Jiangsu as well. My little kid loved it! I am surprised for she don’t like bread!! I included the menu (the lady stared at me, why are you taking photo of my menu?), so you know what each name stands for.

We were quite shocked 😮 when the wife said let’s go McD! She said her friends say the Fish and Fries is nice and they know she will like it. So we had it for lunch today. Yes, she kind of liked it. Usually it’s only the kid and I eating the forbidden food. 😂😂😂

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