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Philip Lim  Love to eat and travel. I instagram what I eat & see around me. For my own memories and also to share with you.


People who frequent the Bukit Timah Food Centre will of the ‘long queue’ White Beehoon stalls. This 2 person ($8) serving can actually fit into a 20 cm Le Creuset pot! It has lot of seafood and the broth is good. Quite tasty. (all the ingredients are hidden below, didn’t bother to stir it up after we transfer the packed food home.) We bought from the original store that now has the shorter queue. The person cooking for the original stall opened a new stall a few stalls away (corner stall) and it has more business. Haha. Those who tried both, which do you prefer?

Oh I found this @boschhomesg tool set at the @mothercaresg sale, no one at home gave me the go to buy. Coz they know our daughter won’t play with it. It will be me playing with it! 😂😂😂

We usually order half a portion. Coz it’s a rainy and cold day, we ordered the large. Oh yummy.... 😍 #samsuiChicken

Chicken and Chips. This place is so busy!!!!

Daddy, why is there a shoe in the fridge? (How to answer to a little toddler ah?)

The media Yusheng Tossing earlier this evening at Man Fu Yuan, #InterContinentalSingapore. Here with Executive Chef @EricNeoBN and also Pastry Chef @BenGohBG.

Can star fish be eaten? I dare not. I want to eat chocolate chip cookies 🍪 tho!!

Whenever you order the ever popular 🍔 that begins with M, you’ll see the receipt reminding you go to go #ManFuYuan at @InterConSin-gapore! You will see the initial MFY on it!! Check your receipts. Haha... This is the #YuSheng for 22 persons at MFY #InterContinentalSingapore. 👍

Haha. #Starbucks card collectors. This 🐶 one is super cute! Who collects cards? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

The wife said, you always order the same things hor. I said coz the little one likes to eat the Yakitori mah. True enough she said, daddy must share share ok? Heart melted...

Coffee, matcha and hojicha wafer rolls from @starbuckssg. Don’t you think the doggy 🐶 looks so cute too! #keropokmancny #caffeine #chinesenewyear #starbuckssg

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evenings. Do they have a strict timing to change the mats...? Hehe...

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