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kerinjm  Director, Tarrytown DanceFORCE competition team. 💁🏻. I'm a mommy. 💞. ⚓️. Wurkin' on my 6-pack. 💪🏼. And......This: 🐑💨

Suh. Mur. Vay. Cay. Shun.

Vacation toes. Ready for the sand. #itsalmosttime Linnea’s heading off to the beach with her dad, step-mom, step-sister, step-brother, her grandma, her G , her aunt... visiting great-grandparents and great aunts, and cousins! She’s going to have such a blast on vacation!!! While she’s off on her adventure, Ryan and I are heading to another beach for some hiking, camping, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Go team Dad. 👍🏼


Flashback to a few weeks ago... Our 6th trip to @schlitterbahnwaterparks in 2018! We are happy that season passes were our Christmas gift to each other this year! #bestchristmaspresentidea? #yes #seasonpass #bahnlove #summerinthewater #itshotintexasyall #iloveamusmentparks #icantswim #butimlearning #ipackameanpicnic

Late post, but, boy-oh-boy was it s’wonderful seeing @luvstep773 in “American In Paris” on June 3rd!! J’adore this beautiful show and je t’aime this talented human! @tarrytowndance

Breaking in my new shoes w/ a slow-jam @ home. Y’all, I was a K360 shoe girl before, but I tried on these Chloe & Maude tap shoes.... and fell in love with them. 😍😍😍


Sneak attack. Photo ninja. Took a pic so fast, he never saw it coming. Three years here and four years there, thanks for being my main squeeze, my fella, my guy and my love. @rygar79 ❤️

Linnea is loving PJ Masks themed dance camp this week! Dress up time is the best!!! @tarrytowndance

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