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K E R I N A  Full-time dreamer & beagle-mama. Part-time designer. Some-time cook. 🌉 San Francisco 🌈 Hawaii

Happy Mother’s Day! To my mom, who loves with all of her heart and my mother-in-law, who has embraced me like one of her own. Thinking of the sum of their generosities, I am a very lucky daughter. #mothersday #mother #motherinlaw

Seems like a good day for a puppy eyes. Happy Monday!
#gahhh #beagle #lemonbeagle #beaglepuppy #beaglelove

I’m so glad I had this guy with me to keep the good times rolling. #myrock #hubby

“Thank you for being an example of what a strong woman should be like, it made it much easier to find one.” - Amit to his mom and aunties (loosely quoted)

The first trip I took with Monique was to a wedding, and now it’s hers! So happy to share in this moment with you, @moniquegill!

When everyone gets engaged at the same time, you know you’re well into your 30’s. Congrats Alyson! Sorry, I’m a little late on this post. pc: some willing person who entertained this must documented moment. #loveisintheair

When friends send loving texts reminding you of that time you were NOT sitting in an office chair plugging away at emails... #takemeback #tbt

I’m incredibly fortunate to have grown up with my grandmas, both the most resilient, hardworking, generous, humble and loving women I know. They are different, but the epitome of each world. They inspire me everyday to be good. Knowing them proves it’s possible to always do better and more. (Woman 1) Grandma Alice on my dad’s side. (Woman 2) Grandma Sally on my mom’s side. #internationalwomensday

🎵There’s nothing to lose and nothing to prove, well, dancing with myself. oh-oh-o-o🎵 Billy Idol

Starting off my day silly ☺️ #humpday


“A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous” - Coco Chanel

Thanks tetka @magspetra for spoiling Elodie. It was an instant diva embodiment as soon as the Chanel touched her fur. #beagle #chanel

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