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Kerensa  I live in Japan. No, wait. I live in America now.

My gamer #fiancé in his natural habitat when not working, watching TV with me, or doing homework. He is honestly one of the best things to happen to me. He claims to be selfish, but he is always going out of his way for me, doing things for me, checking in to make sure I'm ok, and showering me with kisses. 😘 I know it's mushy, but I look at him and constantly find myself feeling lucky. Feeling blessed (and I'm atheist). He makes me laugh and I feel loved every moment of every day. I hope everyone could feel this warmth. Mushy stuff over! #overwatch #relationshipgoals #achievementunlocked

Obligatory #procastination post of #SumoKitty. Okay, back to my paper about Crowdsourcing in regard to interface design. #sumo #cat #mainecoon #kittycat.

Stawberry Lemon Poppyseed without chicken from #panerabread. It's so much better without the chicken. The whole size salad is only 220-250 calories. #healthyeating #salad #fruit #yummy

View from our hotel room on the 19th floor.

View from the hotel.

My little black dress for my one year anniversary with Matt 😚❤️

#starbucks #noriño cold brew with coconut milk. Yum.

6:30am road covered with fog. If video games and movies have taught me any thing, we're either invaded or in purgatory. #minnesota #fog #silenthill

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