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Kenzie Adams 

Any cps on instagram like me and think im cute?

I wish I had a hoodie to my masky...no one will go out with me...no cp likes me


The sewer (sow-er) was playing with her china doll that the puppeteer gave her. She sighed and smiled. She taped her button eye. ((Open rp))

HIA! New cp in da house! What-what!
Name?? "The sewer (pronounced sower)"
Age? "17...!"
Likes? "To sew and make olls...vodo dolls"
Hates? "Hurting myself or my dolls!"
Welp..thats her!

IM HOOOMMMMEEEE!!! Anyone wanna rp?


Im I cute?

Hey guys! Guess what! I just found out that I can turn into a kitty! Imma try it! *trys to orange kitty* Meow..meeoooowww!! :3

Oh little killer me
The blood on my hands, don't you see?
My tail drips of the red liquid
The candy I feed is deadly
Its not candy...its a kiss of dead
...From me


Im gonna go play with my daughter, anyone wanna join?

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