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Kenya Kinski-Jones  The Lions NY | LA

Love the new jumpsuit from the @nastygal After Party vintage collection #nastygalsdoitbetter #ad

weirdos for @c.magazine 👫

Love the new @nastygal After Party vintage collection, it’s live now 🌈👖#nastygalsdoitbetter #nastygal #ad

“There is only one ocean that covers this planet. The lifeblood of the planet, the ocean that connects us to each other and makes life on our planet possible. Today our ocean is in danger, choking on plastic that flows from our homes and communities into rivers, onto beaches down to the depths of the ocean. Every year, the amount of plastic produced around the world is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity. 91% of this plastic is not recycled. We call for a ban on single use plastic, which compromises 50% of plastic. If nothing changes there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.” @nomoreplasticco

Today is #WorldOceansDay and one of the greatest threats to our oceans is plastic pollution; Something that we as humans are solely responsible for and have the power to change. 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year which endangers sea life and contributes to health issues for us. — Easy ways to make a difference in our daily lives: skip straws, use reusable bags for groceries and shopping, skip plastic bags in the produce section, avoid single use cutlery and cups (carry reusable water bottle), tell your local officials that you support ban on single use.
We can all start with one commitment. I’m going to start by skipping straws. It’s up to us to make these changes collectively. We are the solution. ♡🌎 #LessPlastic #WorldOceansWeek

Shot by @rayanayash 🖤

still the same 💞 #TB



My love and best friend since I was 18. Lucky to be the one to know your heart in this way and grateful to live this life beside you. I wish for you the whole world. I love this day, the day you came to be 💛 Happiest birthday @willpeltz I love you

So happy to share our #CMagazine cover shot by @carterbedloesmith styling by @edmondalison makeup by @pattidubroff hair by @davidcoxhair nails by @christinaviles @jennifer_smith_hale
Big thank you to the sweetest super team ❤️ @willpeltz @c.magazine

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