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Ken Vaega  Lightsaber aka Jr Street Beast LightHouse | BEASTCAMP | Team Prestige 2k18 Dancer/Choreographer Contact

Being back after a crazy week away. Connections made, Friendships strengthened. This process is one I will always look back at and be PROUD of. There was literally nothing that we could’ve done or changed to have pushed more than what we did.
Fun factz
1. Straight after semis we went in to a meeting to decide weather or not to keep our original set or to change it for finals.
2. That meeting lasted until 5:30-6am. We planned everything from music, blows up, uniforms etc.
3. We stayed and choreographed our set from Friday afternoon around 1pm til 930am Saturday Morning.
4. We slept for 2 hours that day, had stage run which I fell off stage in, went back to rehearse, pack n then went bak to the venue for hhi finals.
5. We were 0.13 points away from placing with a set we made up in 18 hrs on the biggest dance stage we could ever perform on😊😊😂😂 so close lol.
All of these memories will hold a special place in my heart along with the people in it! .
To our families from all over the world we couldn’t have made it this far without you! We did this for our AIGA(Family) appreciate you all ❤️
✊Heres to many adventures and more with @nzprestige .
#AgeaV #CC #Connections #Prestige

Preliminary round we finished 4th. Semi final round we finished 8th. So so grateful for the opportunity to perform on that finals stage.😊 we hope to do our families proud in this next round. .
Hope the world is ready, because now we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 😊😊🔥🔥.
#Prestige #LockedIn

4..5..6.. Brothers!!
#Prestige #HHIFinals #LockedIn

@officialhhi see yall soon.
#AgeaV #CC #Prestige

Not long to go..
#AgeaV #CC #Prestige #HHI #LockedIn

In celebration of going back to @officialhhi heres a cool throwback.
My brothers Eclipse Dance Crew. At the time we were young men trying to have as much fun dancing and competing together over anything else.
This was in 2012, it was the biggest learning curve for me as a young dancer. My first ever dance team lead by @e.paeaneer n @fale_j_mcc at the time. Travelling, competing and having to train long hours for a moment that last 2 minutes.
Results weren’t what we hoped for, but I look back and I can’t help but feel proud.
Now heading back wiser and more confident in myself. And I can’t be more excited to show the world what we have 😊.
Time to focus and dream for more!
#AgeaV #CC #Eclipse #2012FiveManCrew #History

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. .
These next two months I’m going on a journey of a lifetime. Two world championships, for two different cultures, in two different worlds!! .
Looking forward to going deeper into my training. Regardless of results, I pursue these things because it sets my soul on fire!! 🔥🔥
#AgeaV #CC #Prestige #HHI #Lightsaber #LH #JrStreetBeast #BEASTCAMP #EBS

Some epic shots of us during out semi final performace @hhi_nz .
Seeing photos of this reminds me of the process we been on as a team and as individuals!! Thankful for this opportunity to compete for New Zealand, to represent my family, and to hold it down with the brothers!! .
Its gona be fun!! See you soon @officialhhi .
#AgeaV #CC #Prestige #NZtoAZ

Follow @casanova_2x for some 🔥 music!! His tracks are insane and we as a KRUMP Movement in NZ love it!! 🔥🔥
Can’t believe he actually shared this footage!! 🔥🔥 My brother @ygstreetbeast the real one to thank, he been putting NZ Krump out there in the world,and this is another example of that!! 🔥🔥
Repping @thebeastcamp and LIGHTHOUSE FAMZ! .
#AgeaV #CC #Lightsaber #JrStreetBeast #LH #BEASTCAMP #NZKRUMP

@nzprestige LESHGGOO

After show happs with some of the famz!! Wana say a massive thank you to everyone who supported,sponsore tickets, and came to have a good night!! Honestly and for me to see this at the end was the best!! 😊😊😊 HHI here we come!! .
Dopest artwork by @cassidymakihaking 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

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