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Kensie Grace  ☆ samford XΩ ☆

love you {bigggg} time, @lizathornell, you're such a gem!
sooo stoked to have joined the best fam!!! you girls are absolutely precious & I love you already!

it's my most favorite day of the year!!! we get to celebrate you all day long!

happy birthday to my crossfit lovin', lulu wearin', chocolate milk drinkin' boyfriend! you're the kindest, most patient, and most handsome man I've ever known and you deserve way more than just one day set aside for you. love you always and happy 20th!!❤️🎉🎈

we get it from our mama😉💗

our love stays strong through the decades😉 #WigAndStacheBash #50s #70s

good to have the best fam in the best city♡♡ just missing @kaleyg2

hootin' for our dogs❤️💙


excited for all the adventures to come w these girlies☼☼

Yay!!!! College!!!!

ready for this new adventure★☆★☆

hey travel buddy, thanks for exploring with me!!!(-; not ready to be back in ga!!

west coast best coast babyyyyy #surfsup

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