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Kensie Grace  • samford university '22 // nutrition & dietetics major • CF-L1 Trainer • crossfit higher ground

hey travel buddy, thanks for exploring with me!!!(-; not ready to be back in ga!!

west coast best coast babyyyyy #surfsup

1 CrossFit gym, 4 beaches, and all the fun on day 1!!!

my forever and ever most favoritest workout partner!!!!♡ #summerswolemates18

☼seas the day☼

we back & this time we ain't leavinnn

It's Mondayyyy🎉 & that means I have an entire week of training ahead of me to better myself😍

Which is your favorite... the assault bike, ski erg, or rower??? Comment below⬇️⬇️ I'd have to say the bike, but I'm "learning" to love them all😬

Central Regionals 2018 did not disappoint😜#fangirling @brookewellss @mathewfras @alexanderson29

Year ✌🏻 of Murph in the books😝 #happymemorialweekend

congrats sista🎉🎓💓

And these moments right here are exactly why I love this sport...
Weighing in at 138# this morning, I hit a 300# back squat. There is no better feeling in the world, y'all!!! Now I'm coming for ya 350 @cf_higherground #crossfit #girlswholift #stronggirls #fitness #crossfitgames #liftheavy

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