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Ken Roczen  🇩🇪German🇩🇪, FL living/ 22 years young/ Dirt Bikes/ ♦️Honda HRC♦️Business inquiries: 📩Steve Astephen - [email protected]

I might not be a Supercross Champion yet. But I have a champion's mentality and MORE. This I always hold on to in tough times no matter how bad it looks. An injury like this might be bad, but it's just temporary. I don't care about the pain. The pain is just there to try and weaken you if you let it. It might take a while until I'll be able to do normal things and strengthen my arm and grip right. But like I said, I like to hold on to strong thoughts and I will do whatever it takes to get everything right. It might take a while, but that doesn't matter to me. It's a challenge that I take on and will put a huge middle finger🖕🏽 up to it when the time is right. #familyroots

My first workout back. 10 K one armed ski relay with @platinumfitsb ... not pretty. #whynot if that's what it takes. So be it @concept2greg legs are jello, lungs are burning arm gets tired. Crazy to think that's how avg people d feel when they work out. When you are fit it's a whole different ball game and complete different suffer feeling

Our little girl skates now 😍

9th surgery yesterday and the pain is insane. They took a bone graft from my tib to repair my scaphoid. Going home tomorrow hopefully. Getting the ex fix out in couple weeks and might need another surgery on top of that. Injury was a lot worse than we thought. Not always fun when you wake up and u don't get the news you want to hear.

Double Fudge Brownie. Great exercise for my hand.

First day back in training 😀 feeling good today:-)

Step forward!? I ll take it

Sooo thought we were going to get away with one more surgery, but that didn't happen. We got the most difficult part done on my wrist. Now it's time to fix up my elbow on Wednesday. Good things take time. Couldn't ask for a better doctor.

That's the sign of love towards the team ❤ #ridered @honda_powersports_us

Went in for surgery #8 yesterday and the pain afterwards was absolutely miserable that anybody that looked at me I wanted to punch in the face, even my woman. Lol (sarcastically) Doc said it was a very difficult and challenging surgery because everything was so damaged. ( I never half ass things) haha and couldn't get it all done at once:-( Again, i believe in what he does and to be able to come back good I rather follow his lead and take our time. Having another surgery on Wednesday and I hope that ll be it. Might have to keep the exfix in for a few weeks and will have to get that taken out later too. 😤 #gritforglory Period. You can throw as meny rocks in my way as you want. My dad didn't raise a pussy 🖕🏽to the injury

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