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A lot of people have judged my career path, few people have believed in me, some have given up. There’s been many ups and down in the past 5 years and I’ve dedicated my will into pursuing a passion in modeling and acting. A lot of people have told me to get a real job, start a career, make a salary, use my degree. To each their own, honestly. That idea, currently, isn’t what I want to do. Do what makes you happiest in the now, while considering happiness in the long term. You get a limited number of chances in life. Make the most of your time, heed the knowledge others offer, and do what you want to do. With that said, I wouldn’t be anywhere without the help and aid of others. The friends that did and do support me(I know I’m a pain ass sometimes). Any family that has supported me(Same as above). The people in the industry that have supported and helped me get to where I am. I am grateful. Patience, hard work, kindness given, and kindness received go a long way.

Basically. Every other male model lies about their height and makes my, 6’2”, look like 6’5”.




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