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Pamela Bowie as Mila from 'Mars Met Venus'! #pamelabowie #sketch #drawing

first attemp on Chelsea Islan, idk how much time spent on this but it doesnt turn out as expected 👄

#sketch #drawing #chelseaislan

"I am 'The Normal One'. I am a normal guy from the black forest. I was a very average player. i don't compare myself with these genius managers from the past" -Jurgen Klopp, current manager of Liverpool

#liverpool #jurgenklopp #sketch

illustration from @haidarajiwasesa's "Spiral Project" story, Alya Mahzar P, a girl who managed to survive from the purge of unknown armies with high-tech odd shaped planes and weapons. her parents died during the purge, she was all alone but later she befriend Cakra (the main protagonist, the only survivor besides Alya)

2nd attempt on time-lapse, 30 minutes sketch

#semirealism #or #anime (?)

saying happy birthday to big bro @rifkych! wish u all the best!
Cancer, June 26th

#watercolor #drawing #sketch

"...what will they see? Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? No. No, they will see free men! And freedom!"
- Elizabeth Swann

#potc #drawing

drawing the characters of PotC has become a project of me and my father @pitoniobrien and here's his drawing of Captain Barbossa!

he put lots of attention on details making it such an astonishing detailed piece. Check out his instagram for more of his awesome work

#PotC #drawing

"if I don't kill a man every now and then, they forgot who I am" -blackbeard

finished drawing of Blackbeard from PotC, gonna draw other characters from the series for the following weeks so aye set the sails up! #potc #deadmentellnotales

tools :
- 2b staedler pencil
- 8b staedler pencil
- 2b joyco 0.5 mechanical pencil
- black and white fabercastel classic


Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill
visit the links in bio for better version of this in my youtube channel, enjoy!
#fingerstyle #guitar #pickariff #acousticguitar #fingerpicking

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

the song has been an earworm these few days so i think covering it might be a good idea. enjoy! *full version on my youtube channel, links in bio

#acoustic #guitar #pickariff @pickariff

: SunghaJung - Felicity :
full version bakal di upload di utub (rencananya) enjoy!
-earphone for better quality-

#acoustic #guitar #pickariff

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