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But she's like, GOOD crazy.
Got healed at The Unicorn Palace with @katiebee1010, this pineapple-face, thunderstorms and high humidity, so I can get back to life now.

So floored by this woman's art and by this woman. Powerful work at her gallery showing...and she is as bright of an effing star of a human as there's ever been.

The artist. @katiebee1010

But ya.


I love this man. From Pod Save America's May 18th episode. If you aren't in love with him yet listen to this and try not to swoon.

❤️. Both the original tweet and her response to whatever silly thing someone said in response to her. I get that this is hard to wrap our minds around, but it really is crucial if we believe in equality like we all say we do. For starters, I totally recommend watching Dear White People on Netflix. From there, we figure out what to do together. I personally want to tear down any government buildings that were built by slaves, but maybe we have to think more practically together.

Hello, pretty. You go on and just bloom when you're ready.

So proud of @northland_village_church (and a generous sponsor) bringing in a mobile livescan to get everyone background clearance to get involved with the Harambee Ministries community. Go team go!!

I know a hundred amazing mothers and I know a hundred people who struggle through this day. I honor all of y'all and I hope that whatever camp you find yourself in, the day is full of whatever foods make you most happy, all day long. ❤️🍷#wineforbreakfast

@groupmuse musicians warming up... You still have time to join and you'll be in for a d*mn treat. #freetherapy #bealive

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