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Complications in pre-op that could delay surgery. Sent back to PCP who told me they couldn't see me and I'd have to call to make an appointment. So I said, "Okay I'll wait here as a standby." And they said, "It's not gonna happen." And I smiled and said, "Okay I'll wait here." Then the nurse came out and told me that she got me in to see the doctor. #persistwithasmile #doulathyself

And the armchair was naked, and it felt no shame.

We are all cozy armchairs in process. #jesuiscozyarmchair

Pray. Today 2/22 at 2pm Standing Rock time.

#WaterIsLife #sageagainstthemachine #NoDAPL #mniwiconi

Ooh look, peaceful. Also, thyroid removal surgery next week, Wednesday the 1st. Which, holy sht that's soon AND can't get this little banshee out soon enough. Prayers welcome. Caringbridge link in profile if you want to know more. <3

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!!!!!! Real feeling. So happy. Ugh.

This is only going to help her future campaigns.

Make that 3 lifers in 5 days. Love tank so full I should be cut off soon. This one right here may be a total dreamboat but try to keep your cool around her because she is going to be our President one day if we are still a democracy by the time she is ready to take office. #restingapproachablefaceproblems

Two out of town lifers in three days. How did I get to be such a lucky girl?

Another gold nugget moment right here from the Casey quote board

Secret friend in town who doesn't want everyone to know he's here cuz it's a secret in addition to a bitter-cold cloud attack.

A little VDay advice from Casey