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#nasstastic🚀🍍🐙  Jeremiah 29:11 God has a plan for you. There's a reason you're here. I love you. God loves you more. | Ringo Starr is bae |

Yoooo WHADDUP guys. I haven't been on here in a long time. Um so yeah I thought I should let you guys know what's going on in my life although probably none of you care. So yeah I stopped posting on this account because there was just so much drama all the time and I'm not here for that like yeah. Kenny's new album is amazing. Niki stay on track. But anyway I guess I've just kinda I don't know I just don't feel the constant need to post on here and stuff anymore. I think I might delete this account idk. I miss Cass and Rachel so much tbh. And all of you, you're awesome, I love you all. If you need anything you can find me on my personal: @nikiopel I love and adore you all. It's been fun. See you guys later ❤️✌️😘

I haven't been on in so longgggggg. Holy cow. I'm sorry. I miss you guys so much 😭 Guess whos emotionally unstable bc Kenny bc American Kids bc new album bc he's tweeting. 🙋Gahhhhh. Okay I gotta go sleepy bc I was suppose to go to bed like 3 hours ago. Whoops. Okay love you guys 😘✌️

Not okay. Nope not even kinda okay


Sorry I haven't been on forever but I've been super busy! But I need you guys help. So as you may know my brother is currently at boot camp. Whenever he writes me he asks about music and what's going on because he can't listen to the radio. When I go to see him when he graduates from boot camp I'm gonna make him a whole list of songs he should get and an iTunes card. SO. I need you guys to comment suggestions of songs that are newer. Thanks! You guys are dolls. I love you al MUAHH!

I'm just gonna leave this here...#whyyousohot

So I saw this on @ynahhproject page and was gonna go out about why I think I deserve this but reading everyone else's post made me realize other people deserve this more than me and probably need it more. And I think that's what this project is all about; helping others and puttin them first. Well at least that's what it means for me. I would just like to say @ynahhproject I'm so proud of what you guys are doing and that I'm a part of this fandom. I love you guys. But I guess I might as well say it while I'm here. I've been struggling with cutting and starving myself. I started going back to counseling but I'm getting really bad again and this would mean so much to me. So yeah idk how to end this so....#yna1kgiveaway

Lol at the fact my best friend thinking she can just move away next year. That's cute.


So I have to go to counseling because I started cutting and yeah. Prayers appreciated.


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