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Congrats Bub & Welcome to College... There will be many lunch dates and study nights in our future😇

*Sappy Post Ahead* For almost two years I have shared my life with you. Two years full of many highs and many lows. We've experienced so many new things, and made so many memories.. We've survived all of life's heartbreaks, and put each other through our own fair share of hurt.. but never failing to find our way back to one another. For two years we have watched each other grow and watched each other fall, always there to help each other back up. In two years you have become the very best friend I have ever had, my first call, and my go to. You have shown me a love like I have never felt.. a love not always understood by others, but a love in which we are forever confident. I am so proud of us, all that we have over come, and all the hard work we've began to put in for our future. There is no one else I could ever dream of building it with. Life is one scary ride, but with you by my side I know I will always be home♥️

nothing makes a Monday more bearable like margs by the pool w/ your best friends

bud light limes to celebrate the only person I'll ever drink a bud light with, GRADUATING👨🏻‍🎓congrats Nicky, I love you!

no matter what the seasons do, I'm always gonna roll w/ U

cheers to you, my best friend, for making me feel nothing less than my absolute self💕


all that I'm after is a life full of laughter, as long as I'm laughing with you❤️

missing kitty so much today😇

life with you makes perfect sense💕

i'm telling you... we go no where without our boogie shoes

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